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You may be looking for the Blake's 7 zine Healer.

Title: Healing
Publisher: Blackfly Presses/Angel Wings Press
Author(s): Alyjude
Cover Artist(s): K9
Date(s): June 2000
Medium: print
Fandom: The Sentinel
Language: English
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art is here, Archived version
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cover by K9

Healing is a slash 181-page novel by Alyjude. On the cover, "A novel based on 'The Healer'."

From the publisher, "Blair coming to terms with events in his childhood that haunt him even to this day - especially when the past catches up to the present."

This story uses the de-aging trope.

Art for this zine is at k9kennel.skeeter: 2002, Archived version.


Also Published in 2016

These stories were also published by Ancient's Gate in 2016. See Alyjude #4.

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Reactions and Reviews

The zine is spiral bound, broken into three distinct sections. Each section flows nicely. The print is easy to read and there are very few typos. I do appreciate the plastic cover over the front of the zine. They stay so much nicer that way. The premise of this zine is based on the story of Healer, by the same author. Alyjude does a wonderful job expanding and filling in the story however, that I felt complete and satisfied after finishing the zine. I sat down and read it in one day. It's one of those that you don't want to put down once you start. The story is about a tragedy that strikes the Major Crimes unit as Blair is about to become officially sworn in as Jim's permanent partner. There are a few new characters introduced early with just enough background to get your interest and then tragedy strikes. The FBI screw up and the fallout is the death of three characters, one well known to Sentinel fans. Blair is injured because of an FBI agent that is looking to blame anyone else for his mistake. Blair is in a coma, and when he awakens, his mind is that of a 5year old. This is a heartbreaking and delightful new twist to Jim/Blair h/c, angst stories. The author really captures the way a 5 year old precocious child acts, talks and loves. Jim is torn between his love of the old Blair (pre injury) and his delight in living through the eyes of this new Blair. Blair's outlook on life is so simple and yet so profound, and his unconditional love and acceptance help the characters deal and heal from their losses. The group from Major Crimes come together and show just how much of a family they really are. We learn that Blair suffered some abuse by the hands of one of Naomi's boyfriends when he was 5 years old. We learn throughout the story the extent of that abuse and its affects on Blair as he remembers more of his childhood. We also see Naomi as she was a young mother, the mistakes she made, the love she had, and why she did the things she did. The story revolves around Jim, Blair and Naomi coming to terms with the abuse Blair suffered as a child, and Blair becoming a cop and Naomi's response to it. There is humor, smarm, h/c, angst, suspense, and action in this zine. I highly recommend it. It can bring you to tears, and make you laugh within moments of each other. I can't say enough about how well the author portrayed a 5 year old minded Blair in a 30 year old body. I was smiling through much of the first part along with Jim at Blair's actions and antics. I loved Jim's reactions to Blair and how he dealt with him. Jim never wavered in his love and determination to take Blair home and take care of him. It was beautiful and heart warming. [1]
I can't even do justice to this wonderful 'zine by Alyjude. It's one of those stories that goes soul deep. The kind you carry around for days, and you don't want to read anything else, 'cause, really, how can that be topped? If you previously read Healer and Boogieman from the 'net and so are considering passing up this 'zine, *don't*. Not only have those two stories been revised, but we get a whole new part, Fissures, nearly as long in itself as the other two parts. My reaction to Fissures was kind of interesting. I felt like it was the missing piece I had to have, a necessity, and I didn't even know it 'til it was there! It gave me closure I, as the reader, really needed. So what's this 'zine about? It's a wonderful, first-time story as only Aly can write. After being involved in an attempted bank robbery gone terribly wrong, Major Crimes is left torn apart down to it's very heart. Among the losses and injuries is Blair. The story is about the aftermath of his injury. How it becomes a blessing in that through this damaged Blair, a healing is able to take place in Major Crimes. But it also brings up Blair's past in which he, Jim and Naomi discover a a different, much more painful wound. If you are a fan of Changes by Jean Kluge I don't see how you could be disappointed with this 'zine. The illustrations by K9 are a wonderful compliment to this 'zine. I think she really captures the feel of the story and her color piece for the cover is hauntingly perfect. [2]
This is another of those "hesitant to buy, since it's already been on the net." Again, no need to worry. The last story of the series is Fissures, and it's longer than The Healer and Boogeyman combined. Again, beautiful cover art, this time by K9... Aly addressed the issue of Naomi in this novel, and did it in a sensitive, and enlightened way. I tend to be more visceral, and I don't know if I could have been as fair. After reading the Healer, and Boogeyman, my only thought was, "where the hell was she while all this was going on?" Aly handled all the issues very well, and compassionately. [3]
Well, I'm gonna, anyway. *G* Alyjude takes the nearly universal fannish amnesia plot and makes it dance with the joy of being five, and though there are many poignant moments, and a few angsty places, the overall tone of the story is quietly happy and loving. She draws a wonderful picture of one kind of love flowing (almost) seamlessly into another, and how sometimes the worst things can bring you some of the best things. She shows us what a wonderful father Jim might have been. And all without an excess of schmaltz. [4]
Allison has a real gift for creating situations that show exactly how much Jim and Blair mean to one another, and this is a particularly moving example. After a violent and senseless attack by another law enforcement officer, Blair is left head injured, with the mental capacity and memory of a five year old. The story follows Jim's loving and determined efforts to care for him, and his hope that the grown-up Blair will somehow return to him. [5]
It fits the prompt is a myriad of ways-showcasing everything from romantic love and parental love through love of friends and teammates in all the wonderful and painful ways it touches us. [6]


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