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Zine Publisher
Name: Angel Wings Press
Contact: Bast
Type: fanfic, slash fanzine publisher
Fandoms: multifandom, Sentinel, Due South, Original Slash, Starsky & Hutch
Status: defunct, are now Requiem Publications
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URL: Wayback Machine Link to 2003 and wayback link back to 2000
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Angel Wings Press (often referred to as AngelWings Press) became Devious Developments Press in 2003. [1] The zines were agented by Lionheart, and for a time, Agent With Style.

Secret Pleasures Press is a similar press that joined with Angel Wings/Devious Developments and became "Requiem Publications."

A 2000 Set of Guidelines

2000 guidelines

First and foremost, we only publish slash zines, poetry, novels, and novellas and gay male original fiction.

We generally NEVER allow the death of, or major non-reversible physical or mental damage of a major character, but we will consider it in canon cases. NO partner betrayal - if you have any questions about an activity that we may not accept, please feel free to email us and we will be glad to discuss options.


All speech must use the double quotation marks " not the singular (Example: "Hey, Jim," Blair said.)

We will also correct typos and punctuation. Words will be changed into American English (if based on an American TV show or movie), if necessary. For fandoms outside America, words will be changed into 'Britspeak'.

We prefer stories to be sent in MS Word format, but can accept plain text, MS Works, MS Write, Corel's WordPerfect and a few more. We will also accept by 'copy & paste' into email if this is the only way you can do it. WebTV typed submissions are fine. We can also accept 3 1/2" floppies and zip disks, or for the really adventurous, CD-Rom.

If you submit art, we can accept hi-res scanned pictures, or originals we can scan here (you will get the originals back if you so desire).

A note must also be included (prior to the beginning of the story) stating if we have permission to edit beyond the items mentioned above. We will need to know how you wish to be credited (your pseudonym), and whether to include your email or alternate email address with your story. We would appreciate a brief summary of your story also. We need to know which zine you're submitting to and your physical mail address ('snail mail') for us to send you your trib copy.

A 2003 Search for a Proofreader

From A to Z: Addicted to Zines #3:

A all to fannish folks!

Once again, AngelWings Press is looking for a proofreader. AngelWings Press produces SLASH zines in many fandoms. If you’re interested, here’s what I'm looking for:

You must be reliable, be able to work under a deadline sometimes, have a great attitude, be willing to read any fandom and pairing, and must follow my directions to the letter.

You must be a good speller and comfortable with grammar-spellcheckers and grammar checkers are fine, but they're not always right and I need someone with the skills to take up where grammar and spell checkers fail. You must know how to use punctuation. If you don’t know where commas go or think all text should be written in lower case letters, this is not the job for you. Must be detail oriented.

You should use MS Word, and be able to check your email daily during the zine producing period, as well as be able to sometimes accept large attachments.

Please don’t apply if all of the above doesn't apply to you.

Now, if you've gotten this far, you're probably thinking... what's in it for me? Your payment is thus: a copy of the zine the proofreader has helped proofread (or credit towards one that they'd like to have) as well as discounts on other zines I carry.

The Changeover to Devious Developments

IMPORTANT: AngelWings Press is now a divison [sic] of devious developments press.

What does this mean for you? This merely means that Bast will be able to continue doing fanzines. After several problems with zines prior to this year's MediaWest, Bast considered giving up fanzines for good.

This change will enable Bast to concentrate on the part of making zines that she likes best - layout and design. Joyce, Bast's partner in crime, will handle all inquiries/questions. Please feel free to email her.

Nothing will change in the way that the zines are put out. The guidelines have remained essentially the same. There have been some changes, yes, but that is to be expected - titles that were published under AngelWings Press imprint will still have the same happy endings and the same high quality put into them that you have come to expect.

We believe this will work out for the best for everyone.

PLEASE click here to go to the new site: devious developments press [2]



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