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Name: Kyle Valenti
Occupation: mechanic
previously student and football player
Location: on the run
previously Roswell, New Mexico
Status: Alive
Relationships: Jim Valenti (father), James Valenti Sr. (grandfather), Liz Parker (friend/ex-girlfriend), Max Evans (friend/ally), Isabel Evans (best friend), Maria DeLuca (friend/ally), Alex Whitman (friend/ally), Michael Guerin (friend/ally)
Fandom: Roswell
Other: Wikipedia
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Kyle Valenti is one of the main characters in the Roswell fandom. In the television series he is portrayed by Nick Wechsler.


Kyle is Liz's ex-boyfriend and friend in Season 1, in Season 2 he joins the (although reluctantly) group after Max heals him. He finds Buddha in between the first and second seasons while he was away. He believed he had feelings for Tess before they both realized it was more brother/sister feelings. In S3, he becomes best friends with Isabel and falls in love with her although he keeps that to himself due to Isabel being married.

It was revealed that due to Max healing him, Kyle would gain powers and abilities like Liz did[1]. This is one of the reasons why he joins the group in leaving Roswell in series finale[2].


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