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Name: Jim Valenti
Occupation: Deputy Sheriff
Lead Singer of Kit Shickers
previously Sheriff of Roswell
Location: Roswell, New Mexico
Status: Alive
Relationships: Kyle Valenti (son), Amy DeLuca (girlfriend), Max Evans (ally), Isabel Evans (ally), Michael Guerin (ally), Maria DeLuca (ally), Alex Whitman (ally), Liz Parker (ally)
Fandom: Roswell
Other: Jim Valenti at Wikipedia
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Jim Valenti is one of the main characters in the Roswell fandom. In the television series he is portrayed by William Sadler.


Jim was determined to prove that Max, Isabel & Michael after the Crashdown shooting were aliens due to his own father's struggles with believing in aliens in 1950s. He later learned the truth, and accepted the group after Max healed Kyle - and even letting Tess live with them briefly before it was revealed she killed Alex.

In season 3, Jim became the lead singer of Kit Shickers, later in the season he becomes the Deputy Sheriff.


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The most popular pairing for Jim is Amy/Jim which is canon.


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