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Pairing: Alex Whitman/Isabel Evans
Alternative name(s): Stargazer, Gazer, A/I
Gender category: Het
Fandom: Roswell
Canonical?: yes
Prevalence: fairly popular/common
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Alex/Isabel is a conventional couple of Alex Whitman and Isabel Evans in the Roswell fandom.


Alex had a crush on Isabel Evans since before the TV series started although she did not start to reciprocate his feelings till prom. Alex's death takes a heavy toll on Isabel. Alex appears in the third season as Isabel's conscience in order to help her move on.


In early 2000 on the Alex/Isabel appreciation thread of the Fanforum, the pairing name was chosen to be Stargazer which comes from the episode 'Into the Woods' when the two of them are in the woods, looking at the stars. Mostly now they are simply referred to as Gazers.

Some of most noteworthy fic writers are AlexEvans and StargazerUK.[1]

Common Tropes & Fanon


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Archives & Fannish Links

The below boards/sites had a strong presence of Alex/Isabel fandom at one time or another:[1]


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