Stellar Firma

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Name: Stellar Firma
Creator: Rusty Quill
Date(s): February 2019 - May 2021
Medium: Podcast
Country of Origin: Britain/UK
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Trexel and David 7 start a revolution, whilst Hartro looks on. By itsaneve
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Stellar Firma is a sci-fi comedy podcast centred on Trexel Geistman and the clone David 7, two employees of Stellar Firma Ltd., a company involved in designing planets for rich clients.


The first season involved Trexel and David 7 designing planets. The second season had them move to sales, before becoming Expeditors. The third season has them in Management Consultancy.

The show has a very satirical vibe, though its anti-capitalist lean becomes ever more explicit, to the extent where the show literally mentions communism, advocates for unions and revolution, and name-drops Trotsky in Season 3.



There is much overlap between this fandom and that of The Magnus Archives, in no small part due to the shared production company.

The podcast is sometimes referred to, and is often known, as the 'foot podcast' or variations thereupon, due to a habit in the first season of Hartro sticking her foot in Trexel's mouth as a form of punishment.





Fanart & Similiar Fanworks

Rusty Quill themselves set up a fanart competition. Several artists took part:



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