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Name: Kim Possible
Abbreviation(s): KP
Creator: Mark McCorkle, Bob Schooley
Date(s): 2002–2007
Medium: animated series
Country of Origin: USA
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Kim Possible was an American animated cartoon series produced by Disney. The series ran for four seasons on the Disney Channel, which also aired two feature-length animated movies and produced a range of additional tie-in material including several video games and a live action movie.



Kim Possible is a tremendously talented teenage high school student and cheerleader whose side career consists of saving the world from mad scientists (Dr. Drakken, DNAmy), super-villains (Monkey Fist, Duff Killigan), and evil hobbyists (Senor Senior Sr.). Her sidekick -- and later, boyfriend -- is Ron Stoppable, who is (with certain notable exceptions) tremendously untalented, but makes up for this with relentless enthusiasm.


In addition to Kim and Ron, the supporting cast included Kim's and Ron's families, various high-school classmates, a handful of occasional allies, and a host of colorful adversaries. While Kim and Ron are the show's main focus, a sizable portion of the show's fanfiction has focused on exploring the histories and relationships of the minor characters. These include:

Family Members
Dr. James Timothy Possible (Mr. Dr. P), Kim's father
Dr. Ann Possible (Mrs. Dr. P), Kim's mother
Jim and Tim Possible (the Tweebs), Kim's younger twin brothers
Mr. and Mrs. Stoppable, Ron's parents
Rufus, Ron's naked mole rat
Hana Stoppable, Ron's adoptive baby sister (in season 4)
Friends & Allies
Wade Load, reclusive ten-year-old tech genius
Bonnie Rockwaller, Kim's arch-rival at Middleton High
Monique, Kim's best friend
Steve Barkin, a Middleton High teacher (of almost everything)
Dr. Betty Director, head of Global Justice
Will Du, a Global Justice agent
Master Sensei, head of the Yamanuchi School in Japan
Yori, one of Master Sensei's students
Recurring Villains
Dr. Drakken, blue-skinned mad scientist
Shego, Drakken's hired enforcer/thief
Monkey Fist (aka Montgomery Fiske)
Senor Senior Sr., billionaire
Senor Senior Jr., his son
Gemini, Dr. Director's evil twin brother
Duff Killigan, disgraced champion golfer
Motor Ed, mad mechanic, and Drakken's cousin
Professor Dementor, Short, helmeted mad scientist
Gill, a fish-like mutant boy



Fan Communities

The largest body of KP fanwork (almost 9000 stories) is on, but other notable KP fan communities also exist, including the KP Slash Haven and the Global Justice Alliance. Also worthy of mention is the FF.Net forum Kim Possible Discussion, informally known by its members as the Kimmunity. The Kim Possible Fannie Awards, an annual award celebrating Kim Possible Fanfiction, is organised through the Kimmunity.

One interesting characteristic of KP fandom is that, at least in some of its communities, many of the most active. prolific, and respected contributors and writers are men, ranging from young adult to middle age.


KP fandom is unusual in having not one but two primary (and contradictory) pairings: K/R (het, pairing Kim and Ron, which became canonical as of the series' fourth season), and KiGo (femslash, pairing Kim and Shego, Dr. Drakken's acerbic sidekick, a gifted martial artist and thief with plasma powers). K/R and KiGo fans have occasionally engaged in sharp clashes.

Less common but recognized pairings involving the show's leads include Kim/Drakken, Drakken/Shego (aka Drakgo), Ron/Yori, and Ron/Shego (aka Rongo). There is also a great variety of fic involving minor-character pairings in almost every possible combination; some of the more interesting include Wade/Joss, Monique/Will Du, and Dr. Director/Vivian Porter (the latter a female roboticist appearing in a single episode).

Some fics pair up Dr. Director and Steve Barkin as exes, where they share a military background, despite them having no interaction in the original show.


In the KP universe, Animology is a form of personality test that can, among other things, help one identify your ideal Soulmates, and is sometimes used as the basis for shipping.

Notable Fanfiction & Authors

Unless otherwise noted, all works are archived on FF.Net.


See Kim/Ron for examples.


  • Unacceptable Sitch series
King in Yellow


Other Pairings & Stories

  • JadeKimVerse series (Joss/Wade & many other pairings)
Celler series (Kim/OC; very unusual with meta elements)

Notable Authors/Fans

Classic Cowboy
Author of numerous KP crossover/fusion stories.
Creator of Kasy Ann & Sheki Go Possible (OCs later adopted by other writers)
Creator of Team Probable, evil twin/counterparts of Kim, Ron, Rufus, & Wade
Founder and original admin of the Kim Possible Discussion forum at FF.Net
Prolific author, notably of the "Bonnie's Curse" series.
Creator of the Kim Possible Fannie Awards.
One of the most prolific KP writers, multiple Kim Possible Fannie Awards winner.
Creator of Shego's mother Isabel, later adopted by other writers

Notable Fanart