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Pairing: Kim Possible/Shego
Alternative name(s): KiGo
Gender category: F/F, Femslash
Fandom: Kim Possible
Canonical?: no
Prevalence: popular
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Kim Possible/Shego, also known as KiGo, is a femslash pairing between Kim Possible and Shego in the Kim Possible fandom.


Kim and Shego are rival as Shego is a villain who works for Dr. Drakken. Since her main duty to Drakken entails stealing things on his request and protecting him from harm, she frequently engages Team Possible in battle. However, Shego seems to have a certain degree of fondness for towards Kim. She was occasionally willing to work with Kim if necessary, such as when she helped her defeat Warmonga, Warhok, and even earlier against Aviarius. They would also have brief chats as they fought, usually banter in regards to the situation at hand, but other times saw the fights actually stopping. Shego holds a desire to defeat Kim in battle. Shego has uncharacteristically thrown caution to the wind, attacking both the alien Amazon Warmonga and a Dr. Drakken possessed by the evil spirit Black Eye Brown, when each were on the verge of destroying Kim. In both incidents, Shego insisted the right to finish Kim was hers and hers alone.[1]


While hosting Femslash4Fans, Allaine noted the early history of the pairing and his influence after he began to write the Unacceptable Sitch series in 2003:

There wasn't really a whole lot out there when I first started writing, there was very little. Now granted, when I started writing there wasn't a lot of fic for the show in general, there were fewer than 300 stories, I believe, in the category of where I posted all my work. So back then, like I said, there was very little KiGo, and considering there was so little to begin with we had almost nothing, we did have some! I was not the first author, that goes to.. Glittery Doom wrote before me, Shinji was another one. There were two other authors called Jolt and Spellcaster who wrote around the same time I did. Those two only wrote one, if I recall, one one-shot. Glittery Doom wrote a couple of short stories, very short ones, darker, Shinji I think was the only one who wrote a series, multiple stories taking on a story arc.

But when I came in, this is probably immodest of me to say but I'm hosting a show where I expecting people to care about what I think so clearly I'm not the most modest person in the world. I have always strongly clung to the notion I played a big role in KiGo becoming partially nonexistent to a major pairing in the fandom. As I wasn't the first but I feel like Unacceptable Sitch, through an accident of timing and luck, managed to create a demand for the pairing. [...]

By the time in my second story was overtly KiGo, this was a chance for, if KiGo was not going to be popular this was a chance for people to abandon ship, they didn't do that. The following stories: 3, 4, 5, and 6 they all still got a lot of reviews, they got a lot of hits. And I did hear from people, they would post reviews, they would send emails, they would post on fan message boards and say "I never really thought about it before I read his stories and they made me think, y'know what? They're not such a bad idea" Maybe it became their favourite paring, maybe it didn't, but still it created a demand for it.[2]

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