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Title: Femslash4Fans
Created by: Allaine
Date(s): 5/28/2009 - 6/27/2013
Focus: femslash
Fandom: multifandom
External Links: blog talk radio, itunes

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Femslash4Fans was a femslash talk radio/podcast hosted by Allaine. The show ran for 116 episodes from 2009 to 2013. Each episode typically centered around a different fandom that had a femslash following. The initial format for the show allowed listeners to call in and ask questions, similar to talk radio, but quickly moved to being more interview based.

Longtime fanfic author Allaine discusses “femslash”, or sexual relationships between two women, in fan fiction, original fiction, websides, and films today. Initial episodes gave listeners the opportunity to discuss favorite pairings from individual fandoms Allaine wrote in for over nine years, while later episodes went on to feature other fandoms, interviews with other fanfic authors, discussion of facets of femslash in general, and the occasional Hollywood screenwriter.[1]



  • Kigo - Why Fans Love the Kim Possible/Shego Pairing
  • Poison Ivy/Harley Quinn - Are They . . . or Will They Ever?
  • Mai HiME - Natsuki/Shizuru and . . . You Know, the Other Ones
  • Interview #1 - Devil Wears Prada authors Grdnofevrythng and Telanu Speak Out
  • Multi-Fandom Author Interviews - Harper
  • Women on X-Men (X-Women?) - Chat with Princess Alexandria and Mooncat
  • DiNovia, Fewthistle and DAx Shine a "Guiding Light" on Otalia
  • In the Shonda-Land of Women - Grey's Anatomy/Private Practice Chat with BurningEden & MilkAndGlass
  • BTR Goes Transatlantic as Misty Flores and DosSemanas Discuss "Los Hombres de Paco"
  • Multi-Fandom Author Interview #2 - Fembuck
  • Criminal Minds - Talking Emily/JJ with GilliganKane and RacetheWind
  • Liz Estrada, Demeter, Inspector Boxer and the Virtual Seasons of Women's Murder Club
  • CSI: Miami - Ariestess, Shatterpath & the Birth of Duvista
  • Beating the Odds #2 - Fastlane's Billie/Sara (More Than a Gimmick) and Author Blackbird
  • NCIS - In the Lab with Jaina and Cirroco DeSade
  • Beating the Odds #1 - Nikki & Nora, the Show That (Almost) Never Was, and Author Silk
  • Back to the Beginning - The Rainbow Writers, Willow/Tara, & "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" Femslash
  • Kim Possible - King in Yellow, Sobriety, and TempestDash Discuss PG-Rated Lovers in a G-Rated World
  • Nikki & Nora's Nancylee Myatt, Christina Cox, and Liz Vassey Answer Your Questions
  • Birds of Prey - North and BG Share Barbara/Helena With Us
  • Birds of Prey II - "Doppelganger" author Ficmail Beats the Buzzer
  • Take the Good - "Facts of Life" and Jo/Blair with Del Robertson and Misty Flores
  • All My Children's Bianca - QQSuited, AM Glass, and Dreiser Disagree on Love
  • The One Where the Common Cold Saved the Show From the Host
  • Femslash Archives - First of a Two-Part Series on Femslash Fic Websites and Collections
  • (Not) Just a Love Machine - Sarah Connor Chronicles Authors Zennie, Anklebones and Inspector Boxer
  • ...and Baby Makes Three - Glee, Rachel/Quinn, and writers Kben, Sulkygeek, and Grdnofevrythng
  • Love on the Job - Law & Order: SVU's Olivia Benson, with authors D, Harriet, and sHaYcH


  • New Year, New Gargoyles Chat - Authors Maggie the Cat and Mooncat
  • Callers' Choice - the Show the Common Cold Couldn't Stop Forever
  • Double Your Pleasure - Two Hours of "Xena" Authors Melissa Good, KG MacGregor, and Linda Crist
  • Femslash Archives - Second of a Two-Part Series on Femslash Fic Websites and Collections
  • Popular For Being "Popular" - Authors Carpesomediem and Green Quarter
  • Now (Star Trek) Voyager - Cohost DiNovia & Authors Lisa Countryman, Katrina Blau & Evilbunyovrlord
  • Panelists Misty Flores, Bebitched, Kben & Ficmail Discuss (Lack of) Sitcom Femslash
  • Two-For-One Stargate Deal - SG-1 Authors Ocean Gazer & Dhamphir, and Atlantis Writer Manda
  • Office Party - Fellow Blogtalkradio Host and Author Lara Zielinsky
  • Authors Savior, Jaina & Apatija- Rachel Morgan Femslash (& Why Kim Harrison Keeps Jerking Us Around)
  • The "Gilmore Girls" Find Love in Paris (Geller) - Authors MrSchmipf and UbiquitousMixie
  • Girls on Film - Christin Baker and Nicole Valentine from Tellofilms.com
  • Lesbian Doctors B.C. (Before Callie) - E.R., Kerry Weaver, and Authors Georgia Beers and Susan P
  • Because I Can't Interview Myself - A Reading of My Story "Defying Sanity" by myself and GlassOfWin
  • Renaissance Woman - Author, Scholar and Speaker Sharon Bowers
  • Sharon Bowers Interview - Part Two
  • Getting the Dirt on Girltrash's Angela Robinson and Alexandra Kondracke
  • Anyone Can Be - Listening to my Discussion of "Anyone But Me" with Director Tina Cesa Ward
  • You've Been Doing This Crap HOW Long? - the Anniversary Reunion Show
  • Because Two Hours of "Xena" Really Isn't Enough - Authors SX Meagher, Redhawk, and Kim Pritekel
  • F4F Back with Friends - Murder in Suburbia authors Erin Griffin and Claire Gough w/ co-host Dreiser
  • Good Guests and "Bad Girls" - Authors Cabenson and Theholyinnocent, with co-host Fewthistle
  • An Anime-ted Conversation - Yuricon's Erica Friedman with co-host Dreiser
  • The Power to Revolutionize Radio - Utena Authors Sean Gaffney & Alan Harnum, w/ cohost TempestDash
  • Midnight Cowgirl – Creators of “Cowgirl Up” Nancylee Myatt & Christin Mell, w/ star Mandy Musgrave
  • Boy Hero Not Required - Legend of the Seeker with Ivanolix, Seriousfic, and cohost Fembuck
  • More Murders, More Women - "Rizzoli & Isles" Fan Authors The Raven and Killcommonsense, with Dreiser
  • The DC Universe - Subtext Becoming Canon (in Spandex), with Authors Merfilly and Rysler
  • Writers Whose Work is More Diverse Than a Thanksgiving Dinner - Della Street
  • Hosts Allaine, Dreiser & JeanGreyX Discuss Lesbians in the New Year


  • Magical New Year - "Harry Potter" Authors RedBearGrl and D. Geheimnis
  • Twilight Spotlight - Authors Jocelyn Torrent & Beth Bluth, with cohost JeanGreyX
  • They're Just Getting Started - "We Have to Stop Now" Stars Jill Bennett, Cathy DeBuono & Ann Noble
  • ISGLW (Internet Seeking Great Lesbian Webseries) - "Seeking Simone" Creator Rosemary Rowe
  • Private Eyes, They're Watching You: From "BJ Fletcher Private Eye", Regan Latimer & Rochelle Dancel
  • Organizational Support - Golden Crown Literary Society Co-Founder Lori L. Lake
  • Your Favorite Show 2.0 - Virtual Season Creators Sue Beck, Calliopes Muse & Inspector Boxer
  • Together They're Unlimited - "Wicked" Authors AinsleyAisling and Immortality
  • Boldly Going - "Star Trek: Voyager" Author GL Dartt
  • "The Good Wife" and Better Lesbian - Kalicia Author SSJL
  • Kalicia Postscript - Discussion of "The Good Wife" Finale
  • 3rd Season, 3rd Time - Xena Authors T. Novan and Ali Vali
  • "Lebanese" - Brittana Authors Lynne Arlington & Losdosmos
  • The Evolution of "Calzona" with BurningEden & Milk_and_Glass
  • Warehouse 13 - Lucky # for Authors Athena Mou & purrpickle?
  • Nowhere Woman - "South of Nowhere" Fanfic Author Clomle
  • Here with Jason Leaver, "Out With Dad" Writer/Director/Etc.
  • Looking Back sans Time-Turner - Harry Potter Femslash
  • End of an (Increasingly Femslashy) Era - "All My Children"
  • Fall and Rise of Soaps - "The P@ssionate & the Privileged"
  • Batman, Catwoman & All Things Gotham w/ Cat-Tales' Chris Dee
  • Waiting to be Found – “Lost Girl” & Author Heartsways
  • Xena! Again! - Uberfic Authors Carrie Carr & Roselle Graskey
  • 23rd Century Lesbians, 20th Century TV - "Babylon 5" Panel
  • For New & Old- "Loving Annabelle" Director Katherine Brooks


  • Tellofilms - We Love "I Hate Tommy Finch"
  • No Mystery Why We Love "B.J. Fletcher: Private Eye"
  • Season Two, Interview Two - "Rizzoli & Isles"
  • Another Door Opens - "The Closer" and Brenda/Sharon
  • Christin Mell, Bridget McManus, & the return of McManusland
  • Shared Story Worlds - the Creators of Tales of Ryh'na
  • "Glee" Three - A Chat with Pezberry Authors
  • Mass Appeal - "FemShep" and Mass Effect Femslash
  • Warrior Princess 101: Fans Discuss "Xena"
  • An Evening with Kam Kardashian (The Other Sister)
  • Swan Queen Rising - "Once Upon a Time" Discussion
  • Double Up! - Christin Mell & Nancylee Myatt on Cowgirl Up! 2
  • School's In For Summer - Novelist Julie Anne Peters
  • Warrior Princess 102: Fans STILL Discussing 'Xena'
  • RizzlesCon-versation with Adm_Hawthorne
  • Let's Get Medieval - "Dragon Age" Femslash
  • Tellofilms V - The Final Frontier (of the Throwaways)
  • Swan Queen Rises Again!
  • Not Your Typical Funnies - 'Go Get a Roomie's Chloe
  • Get Ready to Root For the Bad Guy - Xena Villains


  • Modern Lesbian Subtext 101
  • Back on the Couch - Tellofilms and "Gay Street Therapy"
  • Swan Queen Comes Alive - Author Maleficently
  • Too Many Fandoms! - Authors Tamoline & Louisa
  • Everyone Wants to "Kiss Her I'm Famous"
  • To Be Announced (Literally)
  • Making Beautiful Music Together - "Pitch Perfect"
  • Twice is Nice - "Nikki & Nora" Returns
  • Xena and the End. And the Beginning.
  • F4F Ends With Four Foursomes
  • F4F Ends With Four Foursomes (Part 2)
  • F4F Ends With Four Foursomes (Part 3)
  • F4F Ends With Four Foursomes (Final Part)


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