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Name: raspberryhunter
Alias(es): berryhunter, cahn, charlie-ego
Type: fan author
Fandoms: Arthurian legends, The Dark is Rising, Greek mythology, Hebrew Bible, Legally Blonde, Les Misérables, Norse mythology, Once Upon a Time, Star Trek: DS9 & TNG, Stargate Universe, Wicked & others
URL: raspberryhunter@AO3, @DW, berryhunter@LJ, cahn@DW, charlie_ego@LJ
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raspberryhunter is a fan author who writes in multiple fandoms mainly based in myth, religion & fairy tales, active since 2011. Much of her work is gen, though she also writes het, and occasional slash & femslash. She often writes works focused on female characters and friendship between women, as well as less-written fandoms and characters.

Notable Works


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