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Name: Not Prime Time, Not Ready For Prime Time (Fandoms)
Date(s): 2011-present
Type: fanfiction gift exchange
Fandom: multifandom
Associated Community: not_primetime @ livejournal, npt_admin @ livejournal, not_primetime @ dreamwidth, npt_admin @ dreamwidth, notprimetime @ tumblr
URL: Not Prime Time collection on the AO3
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Not Ready For Prime Time (Fandoms), or otherwise known as Not Prime Time, is a gen, het, femslash, and slash multifandom secret fiction exchange for medium sized fandoms. The minimum requirements is to write a complete 1000 word fic of a recipient's requested fandom and requested characters.

RPF is allowed within Not Prime Time and is the only exception to the requirement of "a fandom that isn't listed on the current Yuletide nominations list" though we ask that participants keep to the spirit of the exchange and do not nominate/request very rare RPF. It is still held to the megafandoms requirement, however.

Not Prime Time was inspired by Yuletide and much of the format and rules are based off that exchange.

November 27, 2012, the mods ruled that movie fandoms with over 1000 stories on and/or over 100 stories on AO3 will be considered medium sized fandoms, as long as they are not considered megafandoms.[1] As a result, many movie fandoms will overlap between Not Prime Time and Yuletide.


The planning of Not Prime Time began at the end of 2011 and was started by Bridget McKennitt and Jenn Calaelen with the first exchange beginning in 2012.


102 participants signed up with 130 fandoms nominated. A poll was cast and the participants voted to have a one month delay due to AO3 502s.[2][3]

  • April 19-26 - Nominations
  • May 2-8 - Sign ups
  • May 11 - Assignments handed out
  • July 25 - Stories due
  • July 30 - Collection opens
  • August 7 - Author reveals

Not Prime Time 2012 had 106 works in 85 fandoms and Prime Time Madness 2012 had 16 works in 19 fandoms. Hiatus Resolution 2012 had 3 works in 5 fandoms.


126 participants signed up with 168 fandoms nominated.

  • April 5-12 - Nominations
  • April 18-25 - Sign ups
  • April 28 - Assignments go out by the latest
  • June 28 - Stories due
  • July 3 - Collection opens
  • July 10 - Author reveals

Not Prime Time 2013 had 127 works in 119 fandoms and Prime Time Madness 2013 had 12 works in 22 fandoms.

The Hiatus collections were combined into one collection called Hiatus Resolution.[4]


140 participants signed up with 240 fandoms nominated.

  • April 5-15 - Nominations
  • April 15-30 - Sign ups
  • May 3 - Assignments go out by the latest
  • July 3 - Stories due
  • July 9 - Collection opens
  • July 16 - Author reveals

Not Prime Time 2014 had 162 works in 147 fandoms and Prime Time Madness 2014 had 27 works in 47 fandoms.



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