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Synonyms: Shallie
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Shaladin is a term used in the Voltron: Legendary Defender fandom that refers to several Takashi Shirogane/Paladins of Voltron pairings and their shippers. It's typically used by anti-shippers who consider all Shiro/paladin ships pedophilia.

Sometimes abbreviated to "Shallies," which is used as a derogative.

The shipping war around this ship is considered one of the most toxic in Tumblr fandom. Among the acts they are accused of:[1]

  • Lying to a charity that one Sheith fanzine was going to donate to about group being paedophiles and thereby getting the zine canceled
  • One Klanti forcing kids they babysat to watch the show and coach them into a conversation about paedophilic ships[2]
  • Constant harassment of Josh Keaton[3] over his opinions on Sheith, cumulating with threats to his wife and children
  • Even more harrassment of Bex Taylor[4] for not being a “good queer” and for pushing back against this rubbish.
  • Bex has considered canceling con visits over this
  • A fan threatening to get a group of Klance fans to show up with weapons to the DW HQ[5]
  • Death threats and harrassment against Lauren Montgomery and Joquim Dos Santos


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