Takatsuki Shiori

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Name: Takatsuki Shiori
Occupation: student
Status: alive
Relationships: love interest of Arisugawa Juri, has feelings for Tsuchiya Ruka
Fandom: Revolutionary Girl Utena
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Shiori is a minor character in the anime series Shoujo Kakumei Utena/Revolutionary Girl Utena. Her primary role is as the canonical love interest of Arisugawa Juri, with whom she has a very rocky relationship. She appears in the Black Rose and Akio arcs of the series.


In their 20th Anniversary retrospective, Giovanna and Yasha, the administrators of the Empty Movement, noted the fandoms shifting prescriptive on Shiori over the years[1].

And man, people got protective about what they considered their territory! Most often, it was a character that someone identified with, although sometimes it was a particular set of characters or a story arc. It has always been easy to step on people's toes by accident—or on purpose. Poor maligned Shiori got the worst of it at first; she was referred to as “the goat of Satan” by no small number of fans. Tempers ran hot over different interpretations, and neutrality could be difficult.

[...] Shiori gets more sympathy now than she ever used to, whereas Ruka is the subject of far more criticism than he once was.


Shiori's main ship is Juri/Shiori, and her second most common ship is with Tsuchiya Ruka. Both are canonical relationships. Sometimes Shiori is also shipped with other Black Rose characters, such as Kaoru Kozue.

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