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Name: Arisugawa Juri (有栖川 樹璃)
Occupation: student
Relationships: in love with Takatsuki Shiori, close friends with Kaoru Miki
Fandom: Revolutionary Girl Utena
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Juri is a major secondary character in the anime series Shoujo Kakumei Utena/Revolutionary Girl Utena. She is a member of the student council and captain of the fencing team, making her a main contender in the duels. Juri is explicitly queer in the series, having had feelings for Takatsuki Shiori for years before the series begins.


Juri's main ship is Juri/Shiori, involving her canonical love interest. Since Juri is canonically interested in women, she is also sometimes shipped with Tenjou Utena. The minor character Tsuchiya Ruka is in love with Juri canonically, so he is also sometimes shipped with her in various permutations, including sometimes with Shiori.

Recently, the pairing of Juri with her fencing protege and fellow Student Council member Kaoru Miki has gained a small but devoted following. Juri/Nanami also has a small following, and Kozue/Juri was popular at one point.

Sexuality Debate

Some fans of Juri become angry at the idea of her romantically involved with a male character due to her portrayal as a lesbian in the anime. Fans of Juri/Miki were the ones to be hit with this ire most of all,[1][2][3] as was the Chiho Saito manga for portraying her as straight due to the nonexistence of Shiori.

Some fans argue that Juri could be bisexual, as some of her interactions with Miki come off as flirtatious, and some of their official art shows the two in compromising positions.[4][5] Rarer are the fans who try to claim Juri is straight due to the manga and her relationship to Ruka.

Example Fanworks

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