Pearl (Steven Universe)

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Name: Pearl
Occupation: Crystal Gem
Title/Rank: Renegade Pearl
Location: Beach City
Status: Alive
Relationships: Steven Universe (Guardian of), Garnet (Crystal Gem), Amethyst (Crystal Gem), Connie Maheswaran (Student)
Fandom: Steven Universe
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Pearl is one of four main protagonists of the TV series Steven Universe. She is a member of the Crystal Gems.


Pearl is a member of the Crystal Gems. One of Rose Quartz's closest followers and her sole confidant, Pearl is one of the last surviving Gems on Earth who joined the Crystal Gems in their rebellion against the Gem Homeworld. Pearl would afterward protect the Earth over the next several millennia alongside her friends, while later teaching Rose's son, Steven, the ways of Gems.[1]


Pearl is a popular characters within the Steven Universe fandom. Her history with Homeworld and role in the rebellion often leads her to be the subject of theories and speculation.

One of the long running theories surrounding Pearl has been in relation to her original role as a gem on Homeworld. Fans speculated that she was some kind of servant Gem[2] long before canon reveled that Pearls are indeed a sub-species of Gem who are created as servants for higher-ranking Gems. Much discussions has also taken place on who Pearl 'belonged' to before she was set free in the rebellion, the most popular guesses being Rose Quartz, Pink Diamond and White Diamond.[3][4] This also causes some discourse for those who believe that Rose Quartz once 'owned' Pearl and thus a relationship between the two would be inappropriate, or merely infatuation on Pearl's part for someone who gave her freedom. Others argue that this is just an effort to downplay a queer relationship and shouldn't be taken into account unless there is canon evidence for it.

Commonly accepted fanon and tropes

  • Pearl once belonged to Rose Quartz/Pink Diamond/White Diamond.
  • Bad Pearl - An AU where Pearl wears a leather jacket and is 'bad', it was based on an image by storyboard artist Lauren Zuke and later became canon when the design was used in the episode 'Last One Out of Beach City'
  • Human AUs where Pearl has a scar on her forehead where her gem normally is.
  • Vampire!Pearl and Pearl dressed in traditional knight armor are popular in fanart.


Pearl has been shipped with many character over the course of the series. Season 1 had most of the Crystal Gems being paired with each other, Pearl/Amethyst gained popularity after the episode "Giant Woman" showed they could form the fusion Opal, and Garnet/Pearl had a steady following thanks to their interactions. The episode "Rose's Scabbard" also introduced the pairing of Pearl/Rose Quartz, which had previously been hinted at.

Pearl/Lapis Lazuli have a smaller following that came about due to the paired indirect history together, as Pearl was the keeper of the mirror Lapis was trapped in.

Pearl/Mystery Girl quickly came about after the episode "Last One Out of Beach City" which shown the two having a mutual interest in each other.

Example Fanworks

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Pearl-centric Communities


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