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Date(s)August 25, 2009
Founder(s)u/maushu, u/Mitth_raw_nuruodo
Moderator(s)u/maushu, u/Mitth_raw_nuruodo, u/AutoModerator, u/Atojiso
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/r/fanfiction, also stylized as /r/FanFiction, is a highly active subreddit for anyone who enjoys reading or writing fanfiction. The forum holds a wide variety of posts, including fic finding posts, rec lists, and writing advice and virtual workshops. Every week redditors have the option to post both their fics and their recs. The subreddit is generally regarded as very supportive and friendly space,[citation needed] and also has an associated collection for fic prompts on AO3.[1]

The sub description is:

A supportive community for writers, readers, and reccers to talk about and share FanFiction.[2]

Regular Activities

/r/FanFiction has a number of regular threads, most of which are focused on fan writers. Nine threads are posted weekly on a particular day, and three are monthly.[3]

Weekly threads:

  • Monday: Excerpt Extravaganza – for sharing excerpts from fic that a user has either written or read and enjoyed.
  • Tuesday: At This Point in Time – for writers who want to discuss their WIPs and recent posts
  • Wednesday: Comment Cooperative – for sharing your fics to receive positive reviews from other members
  • Thursday: Talkback Thursday – members share the most recent reviews they have received
  • Thursday: Beta Bartering – to find or volunteer to be a beta reader
  • Friday: Fix Your Front-End Friday – for help with fic metadata, such as titles, summaries, and tags
  • Friday: Weekly Fic Showcase – to post recs and advertise your fics
  • Saturday: Concrit Commune – to give and receive feedback on writing
  • Saturday: Writing Weekends – to discuss weekend plans for writing

Monthly threads:

  • Reading Rollcall – in-depth discussion about fics that members are reading
  • Scholarly Sources – for users to volunteer their expertise on particular topics
  • Plot Bunny Adoption – for writing prompts and fic requests.

Community Norms

/r/FanFiction is perceived as a welcoming community for a variety of fans. As u/Razilup writes, "The amount of diversity and opinions I found was astonishing! [...] I’ve seen so many types of writers pass through here, with different levels of experience, and so many different stories in the works. I’ve learned some things about the legal side of writing and I’ve seen how passionate people are who write fanfiction. They always encourage one another to never be afraid to be themselves and write what they want to see."[4] However, the subreddit is sometimes criticized for an excessive focus on fanfiction metrics (hits, kudos, etc.).[5][6]

Notable Posts


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