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Name: Anti-ZADR-Club
Date(s): Founded October 8, 2005, last journal November 8, 2012
Type: Anti-Shipping
Fandom: Invader Zim
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The Anti-ZADR-Club is a now-inactive DeviantArt group for Anti-ZADR (anti Zim and Dib romance) art. They hosted seven contests with different themes, such as Jhonen Vasquez (creator of Invader Zim) reacting to ZADR, and had a policy of not flaming Invader Zim fans who liked ZADR. According to a journal from Jun 19, 2010, there had been a plethora of anti-ZADR members flaming the ZADR fans. The admins reminded their members that the Anti-ZADR-Club and the Z-A-D-R club had an alliance, and not to flame them.[1]


The page occasionally receives short, one-line comments on its front page, such as "zadr CRINGE," (d4nthep4nda, Mar 4, 2020), "I feel bad for Jhonen Vasquez" (COFFEESWEATER2004, Sept 4, 2017), and "YESH! Finally something that hates ZADR!!!" (PixelatedIllusion ((Deactivated)), Jul 16, 2013). Below are longer comments taken from the club's comment section. Some comments are pro-ZADR shippers attempting to agitate the club's members.

I agree! I like em as friends or enemies since Eric Trueheart said that Zim and Dib as friends is legitimate, but Jhonen once confirmed that he HATES ZaDr which I can see why.

It doesn't make any logical sense. None of what they do is considered remotely a sign of romance. They have some moments that possibly hinder acquaintance or friendship, but nothing that would get them in bed with each other....

They're enemies or possible friends. Nothing more. Simple people! -.-

TechouNoPenki, Aug 27, 2013

zadr is totally sucks!

i mean they are enemies and that's a g4y love!

can i join please?

SuperMaster10, Aug 10, 2011

OMG! ZaDr is so GAY and wrong! Not only they hate each other and its GAY Aliens and Humans DO NOT belong.

PftFan99, Dec 30, 2010


InvaderBekk, Dec 15, 2010

Anti Zadr, what’s Zadr?

Let me just take a look here and…. OMG!!! what sick twisted beings would construct such a…. Fan girls

I can see why you would appose this :(

ginfubawuba, Jul 29, 2008



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