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Synonyms: antianti, pro-shipper
See also: anti-shipper, ship war, shipper
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An anti-anti is a person who opposes the anti-shipper movement. This term arose on Tumblr circa 2015-2016,[citation needed] with people making blogs to track, expose, or otherwise comment on the behavior and beliefs of anti-shippers. The term pro-shipper is also used.

In 2018, who-gives-a-ship conducted a Pro Shipping/Anti Anti Survey. fiction-is-not-reality analysed the results of the survey. The results showed those who call themselves "anti-anti" and those who call themselves "pro-shipper" have a bit of a variance in views and attitudes, suggesting these are not 100% synonymous terms.[1] In 2019, fiction-is-not-reality commented that "Last year's attempt at defining pro-shippers as different from anti-antis unfortunately failed completely because only a bunch of us were actively trying to point out the differences. They're both self-applied label that have less to do with definition and intention and more to do with what the single person likes to think themselves as."

Korrasera has said "there aren't anti-antis. There's just antis, who are authoritarians, and the people who disagree with them."[2]

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