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Fan Survey
Title: Pro Shipping/Anti Anti Survey
Surveyor: who-gives-a-ship
Date(s): 2018
Fandom(s): Panfandom
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The Pro Shipping/Anti Anti Survey was a survey by who-gives-a-ship of various discourse opinions on Tumblr, including discourse related to shipping/fujoshi as well as non-fandom-related discourse. Based on the resources and links from fiction-is-not-reality's DreamWidth, the survey may have only been advertised on Tumblr and DreamWidth.

Excerpted results

Results breakdown by fiction-is-not-reality

Another person involved in proshipping/antishipping discourse, fiction-is-not-reality, reviewed the data and posted their findings on Dreamwidth. The actual surveyor, who-gives-a-ship was not involved in their review of that data, so any perceived opinions in the review are solely fiction-is-not-reality's.

Out of 1139 respondents, 39.2% labels themselves as pro-shippers, 31.4% doesn’t label themselves, 19.9% has no preference, and only 7% labels themselves as exclusively anti-anti (but we’ll see how many will actually hold anti-thought crimes positions).

And a big flaw in this survey is that we don’t know what anyone means by “pro-shipper” and “anti-anti”

Almost half of them (46.9%) doesn’t participate in shipping discourse, but again we don’t know what anyone means by “participating”, because 57.3% will admit to “engaging” in shipping discourse (which definition is literally “participate or become involved in”). I guess 118 people just wanted to troll us.

We have a total of 59.1% of people who either label themselves as pro-shippers or are comfortable with being considered pro-shippers, yet 49.3% have specific requirements to be okay with minor/adult ships (either the minor is 13+, or the minor is 18+ in fanon, or the age gap is not >5 years). Again we don’t know what anyone means with “support”; “be okay with the existence of even if I don’t like it”? “Be positive toward”? “Be encouraging toward”? “Be interested in”?

Either way, out of the 673 people who have chosen either the option “Pro-shipper” or “Both, no preference”, 261 have specific requirements for supporting adult/minor ships, and 74 are against incest ships tout court.

25.9% of the total 1139 are not okay with abusive/non-con ships or with depiction of abusive/non-con ships meant to be arousing (48 of those who straight out answered “No” to the question about supporting abusive/non-con ships, label themselves as pro-shippers or pro-ship/anti-anti), but 91% are okay with hero/villain ships (which I will assume need to be fluffy AUs, or I’m going to be confused).

It gets even better because 17.3% think that some ships are inherently morally unacceptable, 91 of which self-identify as pro-shippers or pro-ship/anti-anti (they were given the option of saying what they think constitutes a morally unacceptable ship: some state that the answer was about the morality of the irl version of the ship and in fiction was all good, but many went to the magic triplet incest/abuse/pedophilia, with other creative answers that legit made me laugh –”RPF is on par with stalking” I’m looking at you), yet –and here the total number of replies goes down to 1111 people– 79.1% ships pairings that would be deemed problematic (546 for incest, 597 for adult/minor, 675 for abuse).

19.1% of 1139 prefer not to answer whether they support fujoshi/fudanshi/fujin, but out of the ones who actually said they don’t, there are 23 who label themselves as “Pro-shipper” or “Both, No preference” even though they have primarily m/m ships or don’t mind genders when they ship. Some of them also replied that fujoshi/fudanshi/fujin are inherently harmful to gay men.

This without even touching the NOMAP discourse– which overlaps with one’s position over thought crimes in real life (27.4% state that just feeling attraction –fair reminder: involuntary– is inherently wrong, 16.4% that all MAPS are a danger to kids just by existing; no differentiation was provided between MAP and child molester, so who replied either did or did not count for that difference already).

An interesting 12.9% out of 1125 are unsure whether cope shipping should only be private and not posted on public sites like tumblr, 49 people said that it should only be private (12 of them label themselves as “Pro-shipper” or “Both, no preference”).

No questions were asked to understand how many engage voluntarily or involuntarily with anti-like behavior.

So what I gather from all this is that generalizing statements such as “anti-antis are like this” “pro-shippers are like that” only have theoretical value, because none of the positions above came from those who exclusively call themselves “anti-anti”, and the label “Pro-shipper” as of now doesn’t imply a non-censorship, non-judgemental, anti-thought crime stance.[1]


Not every question was set as required (meaning some percentages will be deceiving in the initial results). Other criticisms may come from the subject of the questions. For example, some questions weren't regarding shipping at all. A number of questions instead asked respondents their opinions on neo-pronouns/nounself pronouns (like xi/xir and faer/faeself), if gender dysphoria was required to be trans, and if non-binary genders were real. This could possibly be misconstrued as an attempt to link the respondents' opinions on gender with their opinions on anti-shipping, furthering a possible bias, regardless of if that was intentional or not. Fiction-is-not-reality offered a criticisms towards some of the questions as well. Many of the result of the survey are insinuated to be unreliable by fiction-is-not-reality, who says regarding multiple results that "we don't know what they mean by support."

There may be specific criticisms directed towards the Dreamwidth user who reviewed the data, as well. For example, fiction-is-not-reality may have gone into the survey with a specific bias against anti-shipping, made clear by their blog bios and the posts dedicated to the survey. For example, their DreamWidth identifies as being "pro-map" (minor-attracted person) and anti "thought crime" (a phrase that many may associate with pedophilia and incestuous ships). Then, their Tumblr bio identifies them as an "anti anti discourse sideblog." The main DreamWidth post discussing the results of the survey discuss at length their personal views on anti-shippers, making statements towards antishippers instead of simply discussing the results of the survey.


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