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Name: who-gives-a-ship
Fandom: discourse
URL: https://who-gives-a-ship.tumblr.com/
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Who-gives-a-ship is the url[1]of a pro-shipping and anti-anti discourse sideblog on tumblr, well known for their staunch stances on shipping. They ran the Pro Shipping/Anti Anti Survey in 2018.


Note: these are all directly quoted from their "Opinions" post.[2]

  • All ships are good ships
  • Fiction and reality have a complicated relationship
  • There is nothing inherently homophobic about identifying as a fujoshi/fudanshi/fujin or enjoying BL as a non-mlm
  • Fanwork should be tagged appropriately
  • Ships do not have to depict healthy relationships
  • Harassment is wrong no matter who the victim is
  • Suicide baiting is wrong no matter who it’s targetting (sic)
  • Aces and aros belong in the LGBTQ+ community
  • Pan and bi are two separate and equally important identities
  • Queer is reclaimed and a useful umbrella term
  • Nonbinary genders are super real
  • Dysphoria is not required to be trans
  • There’s nothing wrong with MOGAI
  • All pronouns are valid
  • NOMAPs didn’t choose their attractions and deserve human kindness and a community to talk about their experiences
  • Kinks are a lot of fun and completely healthy
  • It’s fine to love problematic things
  • No person has the right to take another person’s life
  • Being nice is very important
  • Everybody deserves a little kindness