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Synonyms: Receipts
See also: Problematic, Callout
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A 'receipt blog' is a Tumblr blog which exists solely to collect evidence of a person's actual or perceived wrongdoing, usually by screenshots and reblogs. The offenses may be concrete (e.g., screenshots of messages with sexually harassing content) or ideological (fan art that is judged to be racially or otherwise "problematic" in social justice parlance). Receipt blogs are a part of callout culture, in which people get "called out" for perceived problematic behaviors online. While anyone can get called out on any website, receipt blogs are almost exclusive to Tumblr.


The term seems to have originated with notorious troll Nikkia Riley Hanson, who would ask people who objected to her antics to "show me the receipts".[1]



Some fans object to the concept of receipt blogs, arguing that they're simply a new way to stalk and harass people online. For example, after Steven Universe fan Zamii had receipt blogs dedicated to her (for the way she depicted certain Steven Universe characters in her art) she attempted suicide due to the constant negative attention. Besides this, most of the negative views towards receipt blogs overlap with the negative views of callout posts.

Seriously what’s the fucking point if those blogs anyway??? To let people know ‘what said person has done’? No. Fuck that. That’s what you tell yourselves to feel better about what you’re doing. All you do is promote harassment. [2]

You know who else said ignorant shit three years ago? Me.

You know who else said ignorant shit three years ago? You, probably.

I mean, if I reblog something from someone who is actively, currently, human garbage… like if I reblog something from someone who is on par with Donald Trump, go ahead and tell me.

Otherwise, maybe just let it go and stop pouring so much energy into policing the internet. Most of the people here are in their teens and early twenties. They are going to say ignorant shit that they regret!

If you are currently in your teens and twenties and you’re bristling at the idea that you too may be saying ignorant shit that you are going to regret, just you wait and see.

Growing up is a constant progression of looking back at your past self and thinking “Oh god, what the fuck was wrong with me?” [3]