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Pairing: Takashi Shirogane/Keith Kogane
Alternative name(s): Sheith, Keiro
Gender category: M/M
Fandom: Voltron: Legendary Defender
Canonical?: non-canon
Prevalence: common
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Shiro/Keith is a slash pairing of Takashi Shirogane and Keith Kogane from Voltron: Legendary Defender.


In the first episode, Keith is shown going on a self-appointed mission to save Shiro. After the rescue, it is made clear that the two have pre-canon history, the nature of which is left unclear. Shiro gets clothes from Keith's shack, implying a possibly intimate closeness, or that they lived together/stayed together often/were, at the very least, close enough for Keith to have had access to Shiro's wardrobe.

The two show a very obviously tender and caring dynamic throughout the shows ongoing run. Keith seems much more comfortable with Shiro than he usually does with others, to the point of a casual physical intimacy that he doesn't typically show with other characters.

The focus on Shiro and Keith's relationship increases dramatically in the second season. While the team is separated, the two of them seek each other out and go through various adventures together. The Blade of Marmora is generally viewed as the episode that supports the ship the most. Spoilers for the third season imply that it will, too, quite heavily focus on Keith's relationship with Shiro; regardless of romance.


The pairing has a dedicated anti fandom who consider it pedophilia due to previously unclear information about ages. The handbook, which is not yet considered by the creators to be canon, states that Keith is 18. Still, anti-shippers try to claim that the ship is either pedophilia or that the characters are brothers (to make the pairing incest) despite a lack of canonical basis.[1] Coincidentally or not, the ship also happens to get in the way of the juggernaut ship. Nevertheless, it continues to be a fairly popular pairing with an enthusiastic fandom.

Members of the VLD staff, including directors and voice actors, have shown support for the ship.[citation needed]

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