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Teacher/Student is a trope that describes the 'forbidden romance' of a teacher and their student, either in a high school or college setting. The trope usually includes age difference, and has a bad rep for 'encouraging pedophilia' according to antis.

Some works are set in the canonverse, and pair characters who are teachers with their students. This is particularly common in Harry Potter fandom where the majority of characters are either students or teachers at Hogwarts. Other works use AU settings, often High School AU or College AU, and cast one character from the pairing as a teacher, and the other half of the pairing as their student.

Some canon works including teacher/student romance includes Netflix original drama Riverdale with a romance between Archie Andrews and his teacher, Geraldine Grundy. Another example, with a vastly different tone and medium, would be shoujo manga Faster Than A Kiss with protagonist school girl Fumino Kaji and her fiancé, and teacher, Kazuma Ojiro.

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