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Name: Archibald "Archie" Andrews
Occupation: Student at Riverdale High
Relationships: Archie Comics & Riverdale Fred and Mary Andrews (Parents), Betty Cooper (Love interest & friend),
Veronica Lodge (Love interest), Cheryl Blossom (Love interest), Valerie Brown (Love interest), Jughead Jones (Best friend), Reggie Mantle (Friend/rival)
Riverdale Ms. Grundy (Former love interest)
Fandom: Archie Comics, Riverdale
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Archie Andrews is the titular character in the ongoing comics series Archie Comics. He currently appears in the live-action adaption, Riverdale.


Archie’s trademark look is his red hair, which his character sports in both the comics and the show Riverdale.

Archie Comics

He is a goofy teenager, very well known in Riverdale that is constantly getting himself into sticky situations between school and his love life. He has had relationships with Betty Cooper, Veronica Lodge, Cheryl Blossom and Valerie Brown. He has a passion for football and playing music, but these things don't always keep him out of trouble. He has been best friends with Jughead and Betty since he was a child and it is made clear that he will do anything for them or anyone else he loves.


In the live-action series Riverdale, Archie is portrayed by K.J. Apa. In this adaption, Archie is on several sports teams including the football team and the wrestling team. He is also shown to be more capable of being emotionally vulnerable than his happy-go-lucky counterpart in the comics. He is in a romantic relationship with Veronica Lodge, which is often referred to as "endgame" by various characters on the show, especially by Veronica herself. He has also however shared several kisses with Betty Cooper both when he and Ronnie were temporarily broken up as well as during a plot to bring Jughead's would-be murderers to justice. While the show makes a point to demonstrate the potential of a love triangle similar to that of the trio's complicated relationship in the comics, there has not been a fully-fleshed ou love-triangle as of yet on the show despite hints of drama and jealousy.

His love for music is a running theme throughout the show, tying him first to Geraldine Grundy, then to various romantic relationships including with members of Josie and the Pussycats, and finally, to Veronica's nightclub, Le Bonne Nuit. Archie is also the founding member of ‘The Archies’ band, which was inspired by his father’s band from high school called ‘The Fred Heads’ that Fred Andrews formed with his close friend, FP Jones, Jughead’s father.



In 2017, Archie was the fourth most popular Riverdale character on Tumblr.[1]


Archie is most commonly paired with Jughead Jones. The most common het pairing is Archie Andrews/Veronica Lodge, but Archie Andrews/Betty Cooper is also popular.

Rarer pairings include Archie Andrews/Cheryl Blossom, Archie Andrews/Reggie Mantle, Archie Andrews/Valerie Brown, Archie Andrews/ Hiram Lodge and Archie Andrews/ Fred Andrews.

The threesome pairing of Archie Andrews/Betty Cooper/Veronica Lodge also appears.

Fanfiction Tropes

Love triangle- Archie/Betty, but that relationship becomes complicated so it goes to Betty/Jughead

Evil Always Wins- Archie gets himself into many situations with Hiram, but Hiram wins every time.

Returning home- Archie runs away from all his troubles and moves to a different town, but he eventually returns to the town of Riverdale where he grew up.





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