Archie Andrews/Veronica Lodge

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Pairing: Archie Andrews/Veronica Lodge
Alternative name(s): Varchie, Archieronnie
Gender category: Het, F/M
Fandom: Archie Comics, Riverdale
Canonical?: Yes
Prevalence: Popular
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Archie/Veronica is the het pairing of Archie Andrews and Veronica Lodge from the Archie Comics series and the related adaptations.


Archie Comics

Riverdale (TV series)

Archie and Veronica met through their mutual friend Betty Cooper, and their relationship began as a friendship. They began a romantic relationship in season 1.


Archie Comics

Riverdale (TV series)

In 2017, Archie/Veronica was the 4th most talked about pairing in the Riverdale fandom.[1] In fics, Archie/Veronica is often a side pairing in Bughead fics.


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  • The Nice Guy & The Spoiled Rich Girl by AlwaysSpeaksHerMind, A collection of random one-shots centered around my favorite Riverdale pairing. Other characters will probably appear since I love everyone on this crazy show, but the stories will mainly be from Archie or Veronica's perspective. They're just so beautifully never-judge-a-book-by-its-cover that I can't help myself.
  • your soul by vickliebold, Could be more complicated, but it really wasn’t. The girl he loved didn’t feel the same, so he wrote a song about it. (Musician Archie AU)
  • Lost Boy by theeternalblue, A scenario following the events of the season finale.


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