Betty Cooper

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Name: Elizabeth "Betty" Cooper
Occupation: Student at Riverdale High
Relationships: Hal and Alice Cooper (Parents)
Chic Cooper (Brother), Polly Cooper (Sister)
Archie Andrews (Love interest), Jason Blossom (Love interest in Comics only), Jughead Jones (Friend in Comics, Ex-boyfriend in Riverdale),
Veronica Lodge(Friend/rival)
Fandom: Archie Comics, Riverdale
Other: Portrayed by Lili Reinhart
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Betty Cooper is a character from the popular comics series Archie Comics. She is known for being the good girl character that is kind, smart, and attractive. She currently also appears on the live-action adaption, Riverdale.


Archie Comics

Though Betty might seem like the perfect girl. She is smart, attractive, and overall a generally nice person. Archie tends to keep her on standby while trying to get dates with Veronica. He is not a fan though when she dates other guys in the series. Jughead once told her that she was the only girl that he would willingly kiss.


On the CW drama Riverdale Betty is portrayed by Lili Reinhart. Betty aims to be the perfect student, daughter and friend, but she also has a dark side and sometimes loses her temper. The daughter of two journalists, Betty works at her school newspaper and there, she begins to investigate the mysterious goings on in Riverdale, following the death of local boy Jason Blossom.


Archie Comics



The most popular pairings including Betty are; Betty Cooper/Jughead Jones, Betty Cooper/Veronica Lodge and Archie Andrews/Betty Cooper.

Dark Betty is often paired with Dark Jughead in AU works. College AUs are also common.


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