Veronica Lodge

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Name: Veronica Lodge
Occupation: Student at Riverdale High
Relationships: Hiram & Hermione Lodge (Parents), Archie Andrews (Love interest), Reggie Mantle (Love interest), Betty Cooper (Friend/rival)
Fandom: Archie Comics, Riverdale
Other: Portrayed by Camila Mendes on Riverdale
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Veronica Lodge is a Archie Comics character. She is currently starring in the live-action series based off the Archie comics, Riverdale.



Veronica Lodge moves to Riverdale with her mother at the start of the series. A former New York socialite, Veronica sometimes struggles to adapt to small town life. Her father is in jail and her family's vast wealth is out of reach. Veronica becomes good friends with Betty Cooper and begins a relationship with Archie Andrews. She has a tense relationship with her mother and fears what her father is capable of, now that she is becoming aware of her parents' criminal business ventures


According to Fandometrics in depth: Riverdale Edition, Veronica Lodge was the third most talked about Riverdale character in 2017.


After the initial trailer for Riverdale fans began pairing Veronica with Betty Cooper. This remains the most popular femslash pairing in this fandom, but many fans also pair Veronica with Cheryl. The canon het pairing of Archie Andrews/Veronica Lodge is also quite popular. The pairing Jughead Jones/Veronica Lodge also appears but the gen pairing of this couple appears to more common on Ao3.

Rarer pairings include Veronica Lodge/Josie McCoy, Veronica Lodge/Reggie Mantle and Veronica Lodge/Sweet Pea.


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