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Name: Reggie Mantle
Occupation: Student
Relationships: COMICS:
Vicky Mantle
Richard Mantle

Melinda Mantle
Marty Mantle
Veronica Lodge
Josie McCoy
Fandom: Riverdale, Archie Comics
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Reggie Mantle is an Archie Comics character. He also currently appears on the live-action adaption, Riverdale.


Archie Comics


On the CW drama Riverdale, Reggie Mantle was portrayed by Ross Butler in season one, though Charles Melton took over the role in the second season. Despite being one of the five most prominent characters in the comics series, Reggie is much less featured on Riverdale and is more of a guest character. He is not afforded much character development, but his relationship with his father has been featured somewhat over seasons 3 and 4.



Archie Comics

Reggie and Betty is a very common pairing in the comics fandom, with many shippers feeling that Reggie is a much better match for Betty than the, in many issues, perpetually disinterested, girl-crazed Archie. A big attraction to this pairing is the "nice girl"/"bad boy" opposites attract trope, and how they can learn a lot from each other and grow. In the 2015 New Riverdale relaunch of Archie Comics, Archie and Betty have been dating for a long time and the restructuring of the stories that has added continuity, provides Archie/Betty's break-up as the exposition point and foundation for the beginning of the series. As such, Reggie and Betty's story is one of Reggie pining for Betty (and confiding in Veronica) as he feels he'll always be second choice to the main romance that is Archie/Betty.

Reggie has also been paired with Veronica in older strips, making the two a fairly common ship in fandom.


In the Riverdale fandom, Reggie's most popular pairings are canon pairings Reggie/Veronica and Josie/Reggie as well as fanon slash pairings with Jughead Jones and frenemy Archie Andrews. Fandom has also paired Reggie with his friend and classmate Archie Andrews, but het pairings with Betty Cooper and Josie McCoy are also common.[1]


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