MFA (Most Fuckable Ass)

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Title: MFA (Most Fuckable Ass)
Author(s): hyunnies aka petksm
Date(s): Published: 25 February 2023
Completed: 08 August 2023
Length: 53,243 words, 38 chapters
Genre(s): Teacher-Student Relationship, Professor Lee Minho, Student Han Jisung, Age Difference, Masturbation, Pining, Platonic Kissing, Slow Burn, Daddy Kink
Fandom(s): Stray Kids
External Links: AO3, Archived version

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MFA (Most Fuckable Ass) is a Minsung novel written by hyunnies.

This fic was made into a podfic by pieces0fstars, here, Archived version.



"Professor Lee. Well-spoken and scarily clever and fifteen years older than Jisung, which should make him want him less, not more, but Jisung wants him so badly. He wants to be wanted by him.

Jisung has a fiction workshop every Wednesday. He also has a hopeless crush on his professor."[1]


every time i reread this, the title of the fic makes me laugh even more and it’s just because the writing in this is so visceral and incredible. hyunnies’ writing is so far above a nonprofit fanfic platform (by my standard anyway) and i mean this is the best way possible but the title feels like something a person would use to title a rushed unbeta’d one shot with awful writing. but honestly i think thats what makes me love mfa even more; it reminds me that despite the range of hobbies and talents within the community, we all have one thing in common and thats our love for skz. things can feel very serious at times in fandom spaces but to me i can really tell that this was written by a fan for fans and (to me) it having a pretty unserious title encapsulates that perfectly lol.


Today I learned that an MFA is a masters in fine arts and now the title of this story makes so much more sense. Minho has a traditional MFA and Jisung has another type of MFA, the most fuckable ass 😂



Chapter 8

Writing Style

It’s always outrageously good, your writing style is so smooth it’s like butter melting on a warm toast and I love toast!!!


You really have a gift for beautiful and straightforward prose, which is my favorite style.


Allusions and Likenesses

the peaches imagery is very cmbyn-coded, as is the whole chapter, don’t know if that’s what you intended but the summer portrayed in the film was exactly like that plus the age gap (kind of ?) adds up and they also had some strange communication issues. lots of these amazing parallels which i now will be thinking about for a very substantial amount of hours.
[akawee[7] replied to niahslot]
i think the lovers talk with their mom represents some kind of authority!!
[niahslot[8] replied to akawee]

right, and it seemed like the person was lying to their mom which means she probably wouldn’t approve of whatever relationship that is. subtle but clear at the same time

[akawee[9] replied to niahslot]

also the narator knew the lover was lying👀 so maybe minho noticed sksksjsksn

Also I looked up Pippa Westcott and apparently she's not real? :( I am so intrigued by these stories you're describing.
[skylerwhiteyo[11] replied to summergrace13]
hm if you’re still interested i think “the notebook” by ágota kristóf is somehow similar to this description (i mean the twins’ story)
Cat name inspiration?


It’s insane to be the object of his focus. Like receiving a gift too intense to bear. His breath catches again and he chokes on a strangled noise, his face so, so hot. He fidgets with the hem of his skirt and squirms—the plug presses harder against his prostate and he nearly whimpers. Fever-hot. ‘Thank you,’ he gasps. His wrist burns where Minho touched him. He thinks he’s going to black out. ‘Oh my God. I don’t know what to say. Thank you.’

His thoughts roller-coaster. In his throat, there’s something that wants to come out. A sound, maybe. A whimper or a word. It’s stuck there. He keeps staring at his professor and he doesn’t know what to do with his own body. Everything Minho says feels suggestive. Everything he says feels clean and pure, clinical. A teacher talking to his student. Not indecent. Indecent all the same. Jisung made it indecent when he wrote this story. Jisung made it indecent the first time he fucked himself and thought of Minho’s hands.


A couple of fans suggested having a 'fandom name' just for those who enjoy MFA[14].

Reactions and Reviews

Thank you for writing the most articulate and in-depth fic i have ever read. your fic is truly a work of art. i felt like i was in the fic itself. the feelings and the emotions in this fic are out of this world. thank you for writing this and blessing everyone who is read this. this fic belongs in a museum. it is literally the best fic i have ever read in my entire life. once again thank you for blessing us this this absolute masterpiece. im so sad that it’s finished as i always looked forward to seeing the new chapter email in my inbox. but this fic shall forever be engraved in my memory and it will forever live rent free in my head


Anxious but wanting Ji & confident Min are always just lovely to read. The full scope of Min's intentions are still dubious, but the tension is absolutely there. Oh, the tension is fucking sweet. The touches above the knee? The ambiguity of Min's comments?


I’ve said this before but you’re amazing at tension. Even though this was a solo scene (which I love honestly, we need more of them) you made it feel like soooooo much was happening. You really got into those visceral details.




unsurprisingly the jilix chapter is the funniest so far assjkhd the nude emailing made me giggle hehehe they're so cute n sweet together...what a friendship...also i'm with felix here i think jisung has a chance with prof lee!!!!


Your writing is exquisite and I keep stopping to read descriptions back to myself slowly because I want to feel them again. I CAN'T STAND THE TENSION THOUGH, PLEASE TAKE PITY ON US I FEEL LIKE I'M ACTUALLY BEING TORTURED NOW (but you do you, it's your writer's perogative 😂).


and all throughout the fic and all of your stories, how do you even come up with all those metaphors? all those words that i need a goddamn dictionary for even at C2 level english? you can take any thing in the world and mold it into something that expresses levels of desperation i don't think are healthy to feel for anyone. jisung, me. i feel as much of a desperate mess as him every time i open any of your fics. i'm starting to think you might actually be a god.
[94galaxy[22] replied to hyvnmni]
I think this might just be my favorite comment ever in my life. I can't believe you actually found words to describe what I was feeling while reading. the hurt, how raw it is. you yourself is an incredible writer, but this story is not only poetic, it's the feeling we get in our gut - something that claws us and tear us apart from inside out. it's metaphors that don't make sense and yet- and yet, makes all the sense in the world. it's nothing and everything and anything in between that.

you actually made me cry while reading this comment?! seriously, I was crying and smiling like an idiot cause you found words to describe such intense feelings. just like they do in this story - and their writing. and it's funny cause every time I read this story I think of my literature classes while in high school and how we study all these writers and eras and styles and everything - and this story feels like one of them. something to learn from, to study, to grow with. something inspiring. something unreachable.

but really, thank you for finding the words I was struggling to come up with.

I am very emotional lately but the short story made me tear up, :((( this poor character. he didn't even flinch at the gunshot, didn't even cry at the funeral, like he was already numb from everything his father didn't do to him. his dad was *doing the right thing* and that's what hurts him. imagine someone close to you dying and you seeing their likeness in front of you day and night. I am pain


this story is so real it almost feels like it’s actually happening somewhere in a parallel universe and you just happen to know everything that goes on in jisung’s head, almost like you can read his diary and pour all the information into this story beautifully. i can see everything so vividly too, your writing rally encapsulates everything and it’s like the faint hope is in every word.


the way this chapter shows why power imbalance in a relationship is so dangerous, I love how you wrote that, it's not the age gap that is the problem here, it's the fact that Mr. Lee has power and authority over Jisung because of his position as his teacher. I got the chills with that paragraph, idk why, it's not a big revelation but the way you wrote that, wow 🙏
[Love_Malachai[26] replied to CatMimo]
Fr because it just proves even more how Jisung is still very impressionable and will like he said do anything because of the power Minho holds by being an authority figure as well
I wish I could read this the way that you would enjoy an expensive wine—slowly and methodically. But I can’t. I devour it like a dying garden devours rain. Consume it like an alcoholic consumes beer. It never feels like enough and I can never stop going back to it.


This is literally one of the best thing I read in my whole life, I randomly bumped into this one hour ago and read it all at once and I was literally holding my breath the whole time. Your writing skills are incredible; the way you describe the emotions, portray the shame and the intensity of the interactions between the two, so similar yet so distant. I haven’t read something this good (not only on this website, but, also, as an actual published book) in years and this story her literally made me eager to read more, have more, just for the sake of quenching my reading desire. I do hope there is going to be a continue to the last chapter, but seeing the 12/12 chapter note, my hope is going to be most likely not met, which I hate but I do also love because it’s a continuous crescendo that doesn’t get to an actual peak and leaves the reader with a constant “waiting for the best” feeling, being fully aware, though, that the best is actually the building up of such emotion and need within the reader. Stunning, marvelous, outstanding, sublime, I literally could go on with the adjectives but it still wouldn’t describe what I am feeling at the moment after having read it. Thank you for publishing such a work, really. I do hope to read more of your works in future, definitely gonna keep an eye on your profile.


Several parts took my breath away. We really got the essence of Jisung's character within such a short time... meaning you're effing good at writing.

When I saw you were going for poetic writing and actually using written examples from each of the characters, man, I thought you were brave. It's difficult to pull that off without being cringey or pretentious. But you delivered!

So glad to see a fic which delves into complex themes and characters (and actually uses the darn in class setting) of a teacher student relationship.


I love love love that this is all Jisung’s POV. You’ve captured the absolutely self-aware mania that builds as you begin to doubt how your desires are filtering every one of someone else’s actions to fit the mould of your obsession with them. Are you reading into everything they do? Or are they actually doing it purposely??? Jisung has absolutely decimated any distinction between his fantasy life and any clues Minho might actually be dropping. Perfection!


I could talk about so many things about this fic but I just love love love love the biased perspective, every single look and word you question if it’s real or not. Jisung’s mind is such a beautiful minefield of paranoia and obsession and self-deception and as much as my heart years for an ending where Jisung is right about everything, and Minho returns his feelings, my brain wants a thousand more chapters of this, thank you so much for writing it


Seriously though, this whole thing has something i reallly rarely see in stories, which is the kind of real-life feeling that the story itself isn't inevitable. Fics are usually really clear from the get go who's going to end up with who, but this feels like the unhinged plotlessness of really being in college and not knowing what encounters mean something by themself and which mean something by virtue of giving you something to talk about (and make out about) with your best friend. I don't think I explained that great but the point is i love it and you're a genius.


‘I think I learn best with, um, instructions?’ He clears his throat with a small sip of his drink. ‘Like, I’d need someone to teach me and show me how it works. And they’d probably have to be really patient with me because I’m—I’m really, I mean, I’ve never cooked before.’

please this chapter OMG my tummy hurts because i had to eat up all my screams HAHA plssssssssssssssss

im so in love with this story GOOD JOB GOOD JOB
[bvnnyberries[34] replied to l33noring]
[hurtssslikehell[35] replied to bvnnyberries]


[bvnnyberries[36] replied to hurtssslikehell]

NOO CAUSE BECAUSE BECAUSE the way the author uses those types of insinuations throughout the story (don’t read the rest of this if your not caught up, i don’t want to spoil anything) the thing with the peaches, talking about cooking, driving, the stories they wrote for each other. Its so between the lines and I think that was such a smart way to build up the tension.

The uncertainty of it all is eating me alive. I don't know if at this point we're all just in delululand with Lix or if Minho is actually interested. Can't wait for him to text him, bet it's gonna be insane! Also love how quick Felix picked up on Jisung's anxiety spiking and how quick he changed gears after that. He's highkey unhinged but a good friend and I'm so glad he's in the narrative. He's somewhat grounding after all the intense af MinSung chapters.


i feel like im being delusional with jisung bc wtf are minho's intentions 😭


you can rreeeaaallly feel the shift in their dynamic in this chapter, and it’s SO exciting. things are so blatantly different now, but it’s so easy to feel uneasy about it—just like sungie. because we can’t really be sure, can we? or can we? 😭😭 i love this story so much.

how dramatically different things are compared to how they were at the very beginning made me realize this is chapter 21. you’ve had us all hooked for quite some time now AHHH and we can’t wait for more!!


The way I held my breath through 99% of the chapter. I’m now out of breath for several reasons. I am on my KNEES. I keep reading each paragraph several times over to make each chapter last longer.

One of the things that make your take on this concept so very unique is that it’s obvious that Minho is equally attracted to Jisung’s mind as he is to his body. Sure, there’s a (fucking delicious) professor/student power dynamic here, but Jisung is never less than Minho, at least not anywhere but in his own head.
[GreenGrapeJinro[41] replied to Nithela]
ohhhhhh this is SUCH a good point, and I think it’s the reason MFA sits so well with me. I’ve read some teacher-student fics that are delicious, but sometimes leave me with a bit of a curdled feeling in my stomach. And I think you hit the nail on the head with what makes this story different for me - the only place Jisung is less than Minho is in his head.
I'm so in love with the way you describe things!!!! So visceral, so gritty, really gets under your skin in the best way!! Ugh. I didn't think I could get any more insane about this story but here I am ahskshajdhs


your felix is my favorite character in the entire universe also i'm going to get minho for using that wink emoji istg


Can't wait for Jisung to over analyze every single detail from minho's home


using felix as the raisonneur for yours and all of ours impulsive thoughts was the best idea to ever be put into a work of fiction


this story has me by the fucking throat. it always sucks me in. i can feel the anxious tension, the way jisung feels every time he’s in minho’s presence. it’s so lovely. i already can’t wait for the next chapter


The tension in this chapter is just oozing!! I love how Hannie appears to be more confident in this chapter, being at par with Minho’s sexual innuendos. He’s particularly more suggestive here, yet still blushy and very babygirl-y. The buildup is crazy and i honestly can’t wait to see the moment where either one of them snaps. So good!!!


I have no words tbh, this chapter was absolutely one of the bests I’ve read. I’ve never came across an author who uses their words as good as you.


(This comment has been deleted.)
[Guest[49] replied to Unknown]
it’s not very nice to leave a comment like this, you know? you say their flirting doesn’t come to anything, and this makes me feel like we have read entirely different stories! look how far they have come, how comfortable they’re now with each other, how much their relationship has progressed. this fic requires patience, and not everyone has that! but those of us who enjoy it love the tension the author has built up, we love watching them dance around each other and tease and flirt! it’s the biggest charm of this fic imo. but like i said, not everyone is into slow burn or the way this story is structured, and that is fine, but no need to complain about it! i’m pretty sure the author is not gonna care anyways.

so instead of being mean and complaining, maybe just stop reading if you’re bothered about the way this work is written! there’s lots of other fics where the kind of excitement you presumably like is happening. let us others enjoy the excitement that isn’t immediate sex but a lovely progression of a relationship. i think the author has even said it before, but this fic is not about sex! it might happen if we’re lucky, but it’s definitely not the point!

ps: there’s always the option to delete ur comment again if you change ur mind ^^
literally in tears of disbelief at the end of this weeping crying disintegrating decomposing etc etc. i’m sure just like jisung i don’t even know if what just happened REALLY just happened this feels so surreal!!!!!!! and it is insane how you’re able to make every interaction between them feel so charged. the part about the egg and not touching too early. jaw on the floor!!!!!!!! this is my first time leaving a comment but i have been following mfa since ch 1 and to see it come to this so exquisitely and delicately slow has been sooooo 😦😵🫨🤯😱😳 for lack of any other words just the whole range of human emotion!! !! now i’m watching my friend live text me their reaction reading the chapter and i’m insane all over again!!!! thank u for this beast of a chapter 💜


jisung is in so deep (and so are we), it would be so cruel for it to all crash and burn in the end. there's something sinister about this chapter's ending I can't explain :') idk if its the mentions of taboo and forbidden fruit and whatnot sndknadkvnsalk praying for sung to have his cake and eat it too I hope Minho is in as deep as he is gaaaksnsdovnasdjvasl
[lovely_steorra[52] replied to STON3RACHA]
no i totally agree, the way the chapter ended had a very eery feeling to it. like now that jisung has finally admitted it and is recognizing what’s happening and what could be… 👀
idk but ever since their kiss, i've only felt so anxious and worried? like, before that, at least jisung isn't sure of anything and he can drown himself in fantasy and not hope for anything beyond the cliff.

but now, now that minho's kissed him, it's like jisung can go over the edge now, not just in his desires but also his emotions, and that's what scares me. what if minho only lusts after him but doesn't seek for anything romantic?
now that jisung's beyond attached, and we're beyond attached to them, i'm so scared of minho's actual intention.

does he really want to pursue jisung, or play with him?


the second thing i really really loved about this chapter (and the last chapter, it was soooooo interesting to me) is how their little bubble is slowly starting to become a bit more serious and also more public it's so fascinating to me!!!! specifically last chapter the thing that was most interesting to me was the intrusion (it feels wrong to call it that since it was literally minho's office hours AND YET), it feels very much like the reminder that their relationship would be extremely scrutinized if anyone else were to look at it (especially another student, but tbh most people) and then we kind of hint at that again this chapter which was i am eyeing so heavily.


I don't think it's possible to comprehend just HOW MUCH I liked this story and how much it made me feel.
I've read hundreds of thousands of stories in my life and I wouldn't be exaggerating when I say this is the best I've read .


First off, just the general writing here is absolutely incredible. You personify Jisung’s desire so well, it feels like it’s its own character in the story. Even the bits of poetry and short stories within the fic are totally unreal. You’re clearly an impeccably talented author, and I am kneeling at your feet. I could never write like this, holy shit.

And I love the juxtaposition between the general softness and tenderness (so far 😏) between Minsung and then the little bits where Felix is just a horny little gremlin. It’s so funny to go back and forth between something really gentle and sweet and then BAM!, we’re hit with some disgusting (in a good way) thing from Felix and we’re just over here like ”Well, I guess I’m horny now,” and then back again.

And the little sly remarks here and there from Minho before anything even happened made me have actually, visceral reactions. Just like Minho said, it made me feel something out loud. When he told Jisung that Felix should dare him to wear skirts more often I gasped, and then when he instructed Jisung to wear a skirt when he came over, I blushed so fucking hard. You write Minho with such a smooth, dominant confidence and then you sandwich his moments between Jisung just being a frazzled, jumbled mess of anxious, desperate sub (which is a fat mood, btw. Me 🤝 Jisung 😂). The back and forth is so very interesting and compelling.


oh my god, it ended??😭😭 the ending took me by surprise. i was so used to MFA being a recurring weekly thing that it feels surreal to read this chapter, realize how far they've come from the start and then realize it's the last chapter and there'll be no updates anymore😭 regardless, it was wonderful reading it. you are a lovely writer, this fic is not just about them and their development, it's also about how beautifully you worded every emotion and all the metaphors you used. all the beautiful pieces of literature you incorporated throughout. i hope you enjoyed writing it as much as i enjoyed reading, and i can't wait for whatever you have next. thanks for writing, much love to you. ^^
[pockyminho[58] replied to Jinjinjinnie]
THIS!!! i was so used to having this be a thing to look forward to every few days and now i feel so empty yet so emotion filled at the same time ahhh
[hurtssslikehell[59] replied to pockyminho]

absolutely same here… oh my god should i fucking cry or smile-

Fanworks and Fan Activity


Spread by Word of Mouth

After seeing people yell about this on twitter and yell at me in dms for having not read this I decided to try. (I was planning on waiting till it was complete) But peer pressure along with curiousity was way too strong for me and I caved. And oh my god am I glad I did. I devoured this fanfiction. Very seldom you find something as compelling and riveting as this. I felt Jisungs anxiety trough the whole fic, with Minho’s words just on the edge of innuendo at first. But then with the slowest of slowburns Jisung’s anxiety lessened and Minho’s intentions got clearer. The first kiss had me pacing trough my room and yelling in triumph when it happened… And how everything now seems to escalate exponentially is SO good. And I have to mention the side characters, specifically Lix and his mother. I am in love with them. Iseul seems so wise, but at the same time she feels young and fresh. And Felix… I am in love with this rendition of him, like I am obviously supposed to. I love how he never fails to build Jisung up, even when he is teasing him relentlessly. (Also I have a very strong opinion on platonically making out with your friends and I really think it should be more of a thing) Your writing style is beautiful, one of the best ones I’ve seen on this site, and honestly maybe ever. Also the meta-ness of it all, talking about how you shouldn’t judge the people you’re writing about even if what they want or do might be wrong. And all the other talks about writing just adds an extra layer that I am very impressed by and in awe of. It’s almost like you’re telling it to yourself that it’s okay to write about these things, and that you have to go all in on it too. I wish I could leave kudo’s on every chapter… Also I have a mighty urge to download this and annotate it, because some parts were so relatable. I honestly lack the words to explain and convey all the little parts that I like, and I feel like annotating might fix that. I read some of my favorite parts out loud to my boyfriend because I had to share it, and while not into stray kids fanficfion he also was impressed by the way you make painting a scenario crystal clear in my head seem so simple. I am impatiently waiting for the next chapter, I’m sure I’ll gobble that up too like Jisung does with anything Minho gives him. Thank you so much for sharing your talent with us.



i hope ch33 is going to be out soon bcs if yall noticed, ch3 ch13 and ch23 all have sexc scenes


Pretty sure the ending had been foreshadowed (“the ending disappointed me”) and we are all going to get edged to oblivion. I don’t care. This is so much fun. Thank god for the comments. I could not get through this alone.



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