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Synonyms: Finishipper
See also: Shipper, MSR, UST, Noromo, X-Phile
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From the X-Files fandom, a FiniShipper or Fini-Shipper is as a sub-type of Shipper who wants the relationship between Mulder and Scully to become romantic only at the very end of the show. From kpcatalia's X-Files glossary:[1]
There are two rationales for this:

1. If they become romantically involved now, it will ruin the show. In the words of David Duchovny:

If we slept together, the show would turn into thirtysomething. No one wants to hear us whining about picking up the kids and then suddenly say, 'You know what, honey? There's some genetic mutants I've noticed hanging out down the street. Let's go get 'em.'

2. If they become romantically involved now, it will ruin the romantic tension. In the words of Gillian Anderson:

They [X-Files fans] do and they don't [want Mulder and Scully to become romantically involved]. It's like foreplay in a sense - you want to get to the end! It's like the beginning of a relationship, where you've got that teasing going on and then something happens and it's gone. We've had a long time to establish this very grounded foundation in our relationship and I think, much as people want to see some kind of culmination take place, they also know it could be a bit disappointing after such a build up.


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