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Synonyms: Mulder and Scully Hate Each Other
See also: NoRomo, Shipper, MSR
The MASHEO website after 2001
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MASHEO is an X-Files fandom abbreviation for the term Mulder and Scully Hate Each Other and the satirical movement of the same name.

While the vast majority of Philes probably fell into the shipper category in some form or the other, there were also those who simply did not want a romantic relationship to evolve between the two characters. [...] And some, frankly, really enjoyed taunting shippers — playing jokes on some of the more emotional ones on X-Files forums.

There were also some noromos who took things a little further, forming communities like MASHEO (Mulder and Scully Hate Each Other) where they worked very hard to prove exactly what the acronym stood for. This sort of thing was mostly a fun satirical activity for the less romantic Philes on the Internet, though perhaps there were a few folks who truly believed it. Though it wasn’t exclusively a noromo trait, these fans were the types most likely to write things like filkssong parodies that tended to make fun of Mulder and Scully, Chris Carter and just about anything affiliated with The X-Files.[1] website

The "official" website of the same name was created in January 2001[2] for the satirical movement of the same name by Greg Lawson[3].


Let's talk honestly for a moment shall we? Mulder and Scully by no means hate each other. The creators of the X-files have in no way indicated such an animosity between the two heroes. In fact, it could be quite reasonably argued that the two have continued to grow in a strong bond of friendship over the course of the show. Mulder and Scully Hate each other? The idea is absurd. Almost as absurd as the ideas that Mulder and Scully should, could, or want to, be involved romantically.

n the seemingly endless debate over the relational present and future of Mulder and Scully, the pendulum seems frighteningly tipped toward the notion that Mulder and Scully should be involved in a romatic relationship. The "Shippers" who subscribe to this philosophy (and who appear to comprise the great majority of X-philes) argue their views from every angle; emotionally (75%), stupidly (24%), and rationally (1%). Whereas Noromo's -- those who genuinely desire (for a great variety of reasons) that Mulder and Scully do NOT get romantically involved--tend only to debate from the side of rationalism.

This strict rationalism of Noromos leaves, I believe, an important avenue for relational debate untraversed -- and it is to this avenue that the MASHEO pages are dedicated: Completely Irrational No-romo Argumentation(CINA). By founding the CINA movement within the Mulder/Scully relational debate, I hope to balance the scales, and with luck, tip them into the rightful Noromo place.

In support of the current Noromo argumentative trends, however, you will also find on the MASHEO pages some standard rationality. This primarily in the discussion board -- although by no means is the Discussion Arena limited to this rationalism.


The website contained a comic, an FAQ, a proof section (where one could listen to sound clips, read quotes about the hate etc.), a message board, a small archive that featured Hatefic fanfiction and temple page for worshipping the infamous bee that caused the snoggus interruptus in FTF and Links to NoRomo fan fiction and boards.

The site went offline some time after September 2012 (based on the last working wayback snapshot).[4]


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