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Title: Beginnings
Publisher: Zortified & Fredicated Productions, later distributed by Shawn Blanchette after the first print run went out
Editor(s): Lori
Date(s): 2001-2004
Medium: print
Fandom: Star Wars: TPM, Velvet Goldmine
Language: English
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Issue 1

cover of issue #1, Fuumin

Beginnings 1 is a 126-page chan slash Star Wars TPM anthology published in 2001. Cover art by Fuumin.

A second edition was published in 2004, digest sized without a color cover or interior art.

From the zine:

This SW:TPM '/' fanzine has underage content and was edited by Morgan over the course of the last year and finally came together in Spring, 2001 in the first printing. It has been a true pleasure to work with everyone on this project and I got far more support than I thought I had any right to get. Many thanks to all the people who contributed, or tried to and ran out of time. It's a better publication for it.

Not enough can be said about the people who were generous enough to donate their works for me to put into print, so I won't try. Enjoy their stories and images and tell them yourself! Authors email addresses are listed at the beginning of their particular tales, and the artists' contact information is listed in the TOC further up on this page. The editor can be reached at [email protected] as is the website for this fanzine at

Disclaimer: Most of the characters within are derived from Lucasfilm and their associated companies. No profit (if ever) made on this work.

Issue 2

cover of issue #2 by Fuumin

Beginnings 2 was published in February 2004 and contains 206 pages.

It is a slash chan anthology: "Contains homoerotic content and has fictional literary characters that arc under the legal age of consent by United States law."

The cover art is by Fuumin. Other art is by Gloriana, The Emu, Barbana, Tem-ve, and Gail.

  • Still as Green by Tem—ve by Gloriana (The Phantom Menace) (2)
  • Swinging the Lead by Inya Dreems (The Phantom Menace) (34)
  • Do You Want that Kiss II by Lori and Wolfling (The Phantom Menace) (41)
  • Sudden and Strange Surtenders by kimberlite (Velvet Goldmine) (94)
  • Only Mine by Elayna (The Phantom Menace) (103)
  • One True Wind by Sean Michael by Barbana (Original Fiction) (119)
  • The Irishman's Memorial by Oncindium by Lori (The Phantom Menace) (124)
  • Challenge Met by Franzi (The Phantom Menace) (164)
  • Ripped by Gail Riordan (The Phantom Menace) (168)
  • Night Wonderings by Gail Riordan (The Phantom Menace) (172)
  • Tuaten by Rahalia (The Phantom Menace) (173)
  • Truth or Dare by Blindside (The Phantom Menace) (194)
  • Kata by Ghostwriter (The Phantom Menace) (196)
  • The Little Draigon Kata by Gloriana (The Phantom Menace) (204)