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Name: Gloriana
Alias(es): Gloriana Reginata
Type: fan artist, writer, fanzine editor and publisher
Fandoms: StarWars The Phantom Menace (1999 onwards); OTP = Q/O
Harry Potter (2000 onwards); OTP = Harry/Snape
Sentinel (circa 2002 onwards); OTP = Jim/Blair
Die Hard 4 (2007 onwards) OTP = John/Matt
Due South (2008 onwards); OTP = Fraser/Kowalski,
OT3 = Fraser swinging both Rays
Communities: The FlashSlash community lj
URL: Gloriana's lj
Gloriana's fiction lj
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Gloriana has been in fandom since the 1980s. Her first slash fandom was Blake's 7 and she started the first Blake's 7 society at her university which even got Paul Darrow/Avon and Michael Keating/Vila to come speak to them. It was rather a shock to the entire six members of the society when some 200 people turned up to listen to them.

She filled in the years between 1980 and 1999 with involvement in science fiction and fantasy fandom in the UK, everything from books to movies to con-going to costuming. But she wasn't particularly slashy or obsessive until she hit The Phantom Menace in 1999, went onto the net to look for the good stuff, and fell headfirst into the Master/Apprentice fan community. Since then she has been a dedicated slasher, fairly regularly active on mailing lists and then LJ, and attending cons in the UK and the US, where she now lives. She goes to Escapade and Con*Strict every year and is often on at least one panel - and occasionally she ventures to the East Coast.

Fannish Activity

She has written at least a little in all the fandoms listed in the template except for Sentinel, but her main writing has been in TPM. Most of her completed TPM stuff over Ficlet length is on the Master & Apprentice archive here. She posts unfinished things occasionally to her fiction LiveJournal.

According to her Fanlore user profile, the story that defines her would probably be Compay Segundo: "basically, sex and characters, and who gives a damn about plot." She co-published the TPM slash zine Songs of Innocence, Songs of Experience, in keeping with the TPM tradition of pretty zines, and I also has a little artwork online in her LJ.

For the last few years, she has moderated a Flashfic community on LJ called FlashSlash, with weekly prompts where the writers produce a Ficlet in 8 minutes, incorporating the four words of the prompt into any fandom of their choosing (slash optional, despite the community's name). An incomplete list of everything that's been posted to the community is at the FlashSlash delicious page: 58 fandoms with entries so far.

She used to do meta. But she got over it.




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