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Name: Barbara
Alias(es): Barbana
Type: fan artist, fan writer
Fandoms: The Phantom Menace, Harry Potter, Due South
Other: Barbana's Art
URL: Archive of Our Own
at InsaneJournal (purged)
at LiveJournal
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Barbana is a fanwriter and fanartist very active in Star Wars: The Phantom Menace fandom, who also produced art for Harry Potter, Due South and many others fandoms. Most of his works are dated to the early 2000s.


The Phantom Menace

due South

Harry Potter

Art Gallery


Fan Comments


[the story A Ripping Good Yarn is] Dedicated to my dear, lovely Barbana, who actually read some of the plagiarized bits out loud at a crowded restaurant during Escapade. Greater courage hath no woman. Even a heaving-bosomed one. This was an overlooked bunny from Escapade, and when I finally ran across the story again, I had to get it down. And yes, it is a REAL book.[1]



*faints* Oh. My. God. *is speechless* This [art for Dragon-Blind] Honestly, it's so hot and gorgeous that I'm literally beyond words, a rare state for me. Unf*ckingbelievable, Barbana. Just impossibly beautiful and sexy. Guh.[note 1]


Barbana made a gorgeous, steamy-beyond-words picture inspired by the [Dragon-Blind] story ; check it out with ice water handy.[2]


Huge thanks to Barbana, for luring me into the beauty and sexiness of Jack and James (and Jack Davenport) and making many helpful comments on my first baby in this fandom. This is all her fault.[3]



Shown at Vividcon 2013.


Thanks to my fabulous vid beta, barbana, for making the vid so much better than it was before![4]

Naked Bee


The delicious, beautiful artwork that will be scattered through the story - including the story icon and banner - is by the incredibly talented and awesome Barbana.[5]


Related works

Author's Notes: Inspired by a lovely piece of art by Barbana, that appears to be no longer online. If I find it, I will link. Published in 'Beginnings 2' February 2004.

Notes and References



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