The Door

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Title: The Door
Circle: Super Wild Velvet
Doujinka: Fuumin
Fandom: Star Wars: The Phantom Menace
Date/s: 2002
Language: Japanese and English
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front cover by Fuumin

The Door is a Japanese doujinshi style slash Star Wars: The Phantom Menace 108-page fanzine published by Fuumin in 2002. It was the third doujinshi published by Fuumin. English translation by eve11 and Crimson Sith Red. The original story by Crimson Sith Red was published in a zine called "Faster & Harder" from Crime Masters on Jan 20, 2001 in Japan.

back cover by Fuumin

From an online review:

"The story is written by "Crimson Sith Red" who is a Japanese fan. Fuumin has issued some TPM djs (doujinshis) and this is her third one. In this story, Qui-Gon lost Obi-Wan (Obi was killed instead of him) and regrets their principled relationship so much that he falls himself to "Sith". He creates new Obi from a hair of Obi's braid by biotechnology and wants to start new absolute relationship between them as a complete omnipotent master and his innocent & obedient sex slave (i.e. A sort of AU & BDSM story, evil/dark Master and child obi). This obi is similar as "typical japanese weepy uke" and Qui is like cruel wild & selfish seme. Such structure (a sort of "mental regression") seems to aim for the "healing" fatigue of the real life and it is well expressed as the following word - "We need no words. Words made us fail last time". I think many readers (including western readers. This book is very kind to have english translation, too!) will be impressed deeply with this great imaginative djs though this story is quite different from the original one. (by Slash-kun 17/Feb/2002)."[1]