Marag's Offerings

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Personal Fanfiction Website
Website: Marag's Offerings
Author: Marag
Dates: 07 April 2000 or before - 03 August 2001 or later (Wayback captures)
Fandom: The Sentinel, Star Wars TPM
URL: (Wayback link)
Marag s Offering.png
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Marag's Offerings was Marag's fanfic site at Pumpkin's Slash Patch.

The Sentinel

Hi (G) The Humble Writer tries to talk Our Boys out of some inhibitions.

Psssst (G) Jim talks back

Morning After Blair wakes up After, and wonders what the hell happened Before...

...well I've had better days (G) Blair comes home after a rotten day to discover it has apparently become even worse.

Silence of the Guide The Boys head out for the weekend, and Jim makes an unusual request

Whispers in the light Jim complains about Blair's, ah, sound -affects, and Blair decides revenge is in order.

Whispers of Anger Jim recklessly risk his life (duh!) and Blair won't let it go this time.

Teenage Idol Blair goes to an anthropology convention. Blair manages to get in trouble at an anthropology convention. Jim has to rescue him from....anthropology groupies?!

The Jolly Anthropologist Sequel (of sorts) to "Teenage Idol"

Dance with Me Blair practices dancing for a bachelor auction, Jim sees him and gets an idea

Every Beat of My Heart Blair's thought about Jim and love

Idiot Strings Blair buys Jim a present.....which leads to some interesting games.

Night Before Remember "Morning After"? here we find out what happened The Night Before..

Afterglow Jim and Blair's lovemaking turns primal, and Blair reflects on having a panther for a mate.

Mom Naomi rushes to save her baby from the Big Bad Cop.

Massage Jim offers comfort.

Insurance Changes in insurance lead to other changes

I Just Do... funny thing happened on the way to the discipline stories

Believe Music doesn't always soothe

Star Wars TPM

Unless otherwise noted all stories are Q/O in some form or other

Negotiations Will this mission be more than our favourite Jedi can take?

Cho-Ko-Lit a sweet mission

Growth a Jedi comes of age

Coming Soon (or eventually at any rate):

Beginnings a sequel to Growth

Frustration confessions of love, and interference from the Council

Rants and Raves

Good, bad, or somewhere in between, the opinions expressed here are mine I do not expect them to be yours, I do not demand they be yours, and I honestly don't care if you don't like them.

So before you rant back, remember, I you came to me. Want to change my mind? Go for it - I'll read any reply that doesn't begin "Dear Asshole, your opinions suck" - that isn't a conversation, and trust me, I can give back much better than I get.

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  • Hawaii 5-0,and the rest of the 70's (or why one should never watch TV with middle age gay men)
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