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Fan Survey
Title: Slash Writers Survey
Surveyor: Mona Ramsey
Date(s): 2000
Medium: online
Fandom(s): Star Wars TPM
External Links: Mona's Fiction Page (Wayback) with links to the main survey page and the survey index, both pages not captures by Wayback
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Slash Writers Survey was "a friendly, long (55-question) survey open to any slash writer who is interested in sharing their opinions on slash". It was done by Mona Ramsey and completed surveys were hosted by Mona's Fiction Page.

Survey Questions

Email address:


What appeals to you about writing in this particular fandom (Qui-Gon/Obi-Wan, or Star Wars in general)?

What appeals to you about writing slash, in general? Is it the only genre you write, or do you also write gen or straight adult?

Do you write in other fandoms, or only this one?

Who are some of your favorite authors (either fan or pro), and do you feel you draw inspiration from their work?

Are there any particular themes/ideas that run through your work? Issues you like to address, genres (for instance, BDSM, angst, h/c) that are particularly appealing to you as a writer?

What would you like to see more of in fan-fiction and fan-fic communities, and conversely are there things of which you'd like to see less?

What is your favorite story that you've written, and why?

How important is receiving feedback to you?

Do you have any advice for someone just getting started writing fan-fiction?

Any closing comments to make?


Participants included: Alyse, Amy, Anne Carr, Anne Higgins, Augusta Pembrooke, Basingstoke, BlackWidow, Brenda Antrim, Bronwyn, Coan_teen, Dark Angel, Darth Stone McAvreen, DBKate, Destina Fortunato, Ebony Kain, Emrin Alexander, FireCracker, Fishgoat, Hiper Bunny, Isabeau, Jaden Matthew Knight, James Walkswithwind, Jane St Clair, Jania Skywalker Solo, Jayde Amali, Jedi Nic, Jillian, Kaiburr, Kaly, Keelywolfe, Ki, Krychick, darthhellokitty, Lianne, Lilith Sedai, Mac, Mary Borsellino, Master Eliz-mar Von, Master Yo-Gurt, Maygra de Rhema, Morty and Nenkaylee Winters, Nine, Nisa, Obiphil, oddjob103, Padawan Khirsah, Pamela "Hutch" Thalner, Rachael Sabotini, Rebecca Mitchell, Rogue, Rushlight, Ruth Gifford, saraid, Sheila, sidewinder, Tariana Adren Kirkpatrick, Telanu, Terri Hamill, Tilt, TPod, Waldo, Writestuff, Yahtzee, Z.P. Florian.