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Name: Mosby Singleton
Alias(es): Nansi Alexander, Nancy Loser, Nanci Loser, Emrin Alexander, Agent 3.4-1/2, Eliza, E.J. Pellham-Stewart
Fandoms: The Professionals, The Phantom Menace, Smallville
URL: Pros fanfic at the Circuit Archive
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Mosby Singleton was one of several different pseuds used by fan writer Nansi Alexander when writing in Pros fandom in the 1980's. Singleton wrote a number of Pros stories, including the somewhat notorious RPS fic, Death on the 9:13 to Birkenhead, which was serialized in installments in The Hatstand Express.

From the Fan Herself

From 2012: Singleton likes to think she may have helped start the now common trend for RPS, back in the day. In any event, like it or not, the genre came to stay. She considers promoting ocean-going, Volkswagon-driving sheep and real actors in the same story as one of her greatest accomplishments in Pros fandom. Well, that and causing adults to write rather scathing retorts about using real ACTORS' names in letters to the poor zine editor. Singleton was then, and is now, of the opinion that there are some folks who need to have their knickers twisted on occasion. She deeply regrets, however, her newbie threat at the time, to flounce out of fandom, as it was silly and terribly bad form.

Now both shorter and wiser, Singleton is an unassuming grandmother of three adorable tots. Today, the middle-aged and mostly harmless Singleton devotes her time to her wife, her three cats, her dog who thinks he is a cat, and solving the problem of just how many Ray Doyles can dance on the head of a pin.