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Name: Nancy Arena, Nansi
Alias(es): Anne Carr, Annie Carr
Type: fan writer, circuit library
Fandoms: The Professionals, Tris/Alex, The Phantom Menace
URL: The Phantom Menace fan fiction, Professionals fanfiction at the Circuit Archive
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Nancy Arena is a slash fan writer who is perhaps best known for her contributions to Tris/Alex fandom having written some of that fandom's earliest RPS. She also founded the US Professionals circuit library before handing it over to Karen B. in the mid-1980s. Her Pros novel Wine Dark Nexus where Bodie and Doyle are bull dancers in Crete, is often cited as an excellent example of historical AUs.[1] In addition to her Pros fan fiction, she has written for The Phantom Menace fandom.



This is a partial list from a 1990s index subject to verification, and from listings on Fanlore. Some of these stories were credited under "NL Arena" and some under "N. Arena" and some under Anne Carr. Complicating matters is that some are sequels to stories written by other writers - and vice versa. Assistance in untangling the writer credits appreciated

The Phantom Menace


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  • On "Marooned" (Professionals): "Bodie and Doyle are deliberately marooned on an island, yet set up as if they are on holiday. This provides us with a slow, romantic building towards a relationship which is suddenly stopped by their rescue and subsequent debriefing. Doyle feels completely shut out from Bodie, and the latter part of the story is his fight to claim his lover back."[2]
  • "Twenty Questions" (The Phantom Menace): "Obi-Wan and Qui-Gon are trapped in a cabin by a month-long storm. Their only source of entertainment? A Cosmo-like magazine with a test called 'How Well Do You Know Your Closest Companion?' I've been reading some fairly heavy fic of late, so I was really happy to stumble across this piece of fluff. The questions are awesome (and very Cosmo-like), the answers are interesting, and the banter is entertaining. Ideal for anyone in need of a light, fluffy story."[3]
  • "Twenty Questions" (The Phantom Menace): "This is a classic! Obi and Qui, snowed in together, with tons of UST (unresolved sexual tension). Yummy! The ending will leave you breathless, or at least, panting. Must read!"[4]
  • "Runner Home" (Professionals): Bodie runs from his love for Doyle, but Doyle, both furious and hurt chases after him learning a thing or two about himself and his feelings for Bodie in the process."[5]


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