Living Force

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Title: Living Force
Publisher: Kugeljedi Temple
Editor(s): Qor-Ynn Asháei & M'Ki Sejáei
Date(s): 2000-2004
Medium: fanzine, print
Fandom: Star Wars: The Phantom Menace
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Living Force was a series of professionally-produced Star Wars: The Phantom Menace anthology slash fanzines. 3 volumes were published and sold in a limited print run.

The zines featured multiple artists and writers. Although the zines were published in Germany, they are in English.

Issue 1

Volume 1 was published in August 2000. It contained a cover/front piece by X.

Partial table of contents:

Volume 2

cover Vol. 2

Volume 2 was published in 2001 and has 248 pages. It contained a cover/front piece by X. It is a hardback with color and B&W interior art. Stories by M. Fae Glasgow, Cori Lannam, Sian, Saraid, and more. About ten art plates, most in full color.

  • A New Hope by M. Fae Glasgow
  • Demi-Gods and Hungry Ghosts by Cori Lannam
  • Day's Dawning by M. Fae Glasgow
  • Reckless Acts of Kindness by Sian
  • In All Things by Saraid
  • The Third Realm by Robin Serrano
  • Walking on Broken Glass by Qor-Ynn Asháei. His life destroyed, Obi-Wan fights for his future. The story was accompanied by three paintings by the author.[1]
  • The Adept by Eliz-mar Von

Poetry by Trriskell

  • Premonition
  • The Destiny of One
  • Promise For Eternity
  • I Loathe...
  • My Love....
  • The Love I Hold For You...
  • Shards of Memories


  • Untitled by X
  • Last Hope by Qor-Ynn Ashdei
  • "Golden Bird" and "Vows Renewed" by Merle Decker
  • Lite Aqua by Ewri-Fuumin
  • In All Things by Black Rose
  • The Adept by TACS
  • "Cast Away" and "Canfer Tea" and "Luccustus" by Qor-Ynn Ashaei

Volume 3

cover vol 3

Volume 3 was published in 2004 and has 239 pages. It is perfect bound with color covers and color and B&W interior art by X and Fuumin. Stories by M Fae Glasgow, Sian, Merle Decker, Hilary, Qor-Yin Ashdei.

  • Love Beyond Death by Dev-Aki Basaa
  • Never Ending by Hilary
  • Warmth by Gwendolen

Online Version

After publication, the stories and the art were posted online here. The site went offline in the early 2010s. A trace of it remains at its "Warning & Disclaimer" page:


This site contains so-called "Slash", meaning fan-made media with homoerotic connotations. Therefore this site is suited for Adults Only! If you aren't of legal age yet or have issues with two men in a sexual relationship we strongly suggest you leave now. Should neither apply to you and you bear friendly intentions, then please, enter our humble little temple and be welcome...


This site is an amateur publication for fans and by fans; no profit will be made from this—aside from harmless enjoyment. The rights to the persons and places mentioned are not ours, but belong to Lucasart. It is not our intention to infringe on those copyrights. The copyrights to the original fanart and fiction on this site belong to the individual artists and authors. The "Living Force" zines and this site belong to the Kugeljedi Temple. No unauthorized copying for other websites or printing is permitted.


Please, only link to this warning & disclaimer page. Thank you. [2]

Below are selected examples from the online version of the zine.


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