Fugue in V Minor

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You may be looking for Fugue, an X-Files story.

The Professionals Fanfiction
Title: Fugue in V Minor
Author(s): Anne Carr
Date(s): 1980s?
Genre: het
Fandom: The Professionals
External Links: online here

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Fugue in V Minor is a Professionals story by Anne Carr.

Reactions and Reviews

It's het.

Yeah! Damn...! ;-)

But it's an abandoned cottage, we have a young, good looking woman. There is thunderstorm and rain, and an open fire and then we get an injured Bodie who has lost his memory – delivered on a silver tablet.

What's not to love? :-) - and of course Doyle comes to the rescue! [1]
I am curious about the title. Why in V minor? There's no such key. Is it meant to be V for Vicki (the original female character)? And why a fugue and why minor? Why not just "Fugue in V"? Or --- ohh, just realised while typing. Is 'fugue' a reference not to the music but to the condition where someone under great stress flees and apparently loses their memory and knowledge of who they are? (Agatha Christie's the classic example.) Groan, why didn't I spot that first time?

Sorry, I get sidetracked on the weirdest things.

Actually, I like this more now I have thought of this, because I think fugues like that have to come to an end. byslantedlight may like to think of it that way, too! [2]
"...because I think fugues like that have to come to an end"

Good point! Plus 'V minor' -> Vicky isn't important. Right?

Anyway... I like the story. With the woman and Bodie in an abandoned cottage...! :-) [3]
Plus 'V minor' -> Vicky isn't important. Right? Well, I wonder... it does seem a little harsh on her to say that![4]
Well as long as Bodie is not ready to start a real relationship (with a woman) it's just realistic.

And he leaves her in the end. But you'r right, 'isn't important' is not nice. Let's say 'an intermezzo'. I was just trying to make sense of the title!

Btw - I love it when their women are more than the 'bird of the week'. I love them strong and confident. That's why I love Vicky! [5]


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