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Name: BySlantedlight
Alias(es): Slantedlight
Fandoms: The Professionals
Communities: Archive of Our Own, LiveJournal, Dreamwidth
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BySlantedlight is a fan, writer, and prolific reviewer primarily in the Professionals fandom.

Notable Works

Fandom Activity

BySlantedlight is the creator of Palelyloitering, a Professionals fanworks website that includes information about zines, fanfic authors, fic reviews, story universe, Pros sources, story lists, and other links. They are the founder and moderator of the Livejournal community Loiteringpalely. They co-founded Discoveredinalj with empty_mirrors.

The wrote Think-y things about zines and fic and all, as part of a 2009 discussion regarding fandom and profit.

They edited Dialj Bound, a slash anthology zine.