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Journal Community
Name: Discoveredinalj
Date(s): 2006-present
Moderator: byslantedlight and empty_mirrors
Founder: byslantedlight and empty_mirrors
Fandom: The Professionals

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Discoveredinalj is a Livejournal community.

According to one fan, it was founded because the safehouse discontinued Challenges. The fan quotes a post by empty mirrors: "So byslantedlight and I have been missing the the_safehouse Challenges recently, and so we decided to play on our own while they're getting back on their feet. This week we challenged each other, and I was given bellydance, a candle and snow as my things to include. These are my results. We're going to play again on Wednesday – if anyone else would like to join in, please comment on empty_mirrors lj on Wednesday. Non-fandom specific, but we'd encourage everyone to post to their own ljs/comms! [1]

The first challenge was announced on 15 March 2006 and it was "The National Curriculum Challenge - Geography". The challenge announcements alternated between empty_mirrors and byslantedlight's ljs. (Source: kiwisue's Some Pros on lj history dated June 9, 2010.)


  1. ^ (Source: kiwisue's Some Pros on lj history dated June 9, 2010.)