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Journal Community
Name: The safehouse
Date(s): March 2004 - present
Moderator: byslantedlight, constant_muse, kiwisue, macklingirl
Type: General Discussion
Fandom: The Professionals

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The Safehouse is a slash-centric Livejournal community for discussion of The Professionals and posting of related fanworks. It is partnered with Pros-Lib, an archive for fanfic of The Professionals, "to see that your fanfiction makes it from livejournal to a central archive where Professionals fans who do not possess livejournals are able to enjoy your fanworks."[1] The community is currently owned by kiwisue and still relatively active as of December 2019.[1]


We are a community entirely devoted to The Professionals, a show which aired in Britain (as well as a few other countries) in the late seventies and America in the early eighties. Under the watchful eye of CI5 controller George Cowley, agents 3.7 and 4.5 (Bodie and Doyle respectively) fought terrorists, prevented the assassination of political leaders and battered many a Ford Capri, creating havoc all over London.

This community is a place for discussion about the show and its cast (and anything else remotely connected!), and for the posting of fan creations (everything from fiction to icons to song-videos). We also hope that it will be an ideal place for new fans to be introduced to The Professionals fandom. We welcome new members and ask only that you read through the rules quickly to be sure that you have the best experience possible.

While gen and het content is welcome, The Safehouse is a slash-focussed community. Posts here may include adult content, including discussion of male/male relationships and/or sexual situations; and even those posts which do not may generate such comments in the discussion.[1]


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