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Journal Community
Name: Tea and Swiss roll
Date(s): April 1, 2009-present
Moderator: draycevixen,mikes-grrl, norfolkdumpling, and saintvic
Founder: draycevixen,mikes-grrl, norfolkdumpling, and saintvic
Fandom: The Professionals
URL: http://community.livejournal.com/teaandswissroll

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teaandswissroll is a Professionals community on LiveJournal. Founded in 2009, it remains active as of November 2012. It contains discussion and fanworks, and runs a weekly Obbo challenge for drabbles, ficlets and fanart.

While our main focus here is very firmly on The Professionals, a British television series that was broadcast for the first time in the late 1970s, we welcome both mono- and multi-fandom fans of the series to join our little band of crazed fans.

Pull up a chair, grab a piece of Swiss roll and a cuppa and let’s have a chin wag... If you’ve brought some cream horns goodies to share with the rest of us then so much the better. :D

If you want to ramble on about anything even vaguely Pros related and/or squee about truly magnificent things like Bodie's eyebrows or Doyle's forearms then please feel free to do so.

Dodgy manips of Bodie as the Pope? Bring 'em on.

If you want to issue an informal challenge or share a plot bunny that you're not interested in raising yourself then we're game for that as well.

As many of us are multi-fandom fans we don't mind at all if you want to ramble on a bit about one of your other fandoms as long as it is in *connection* to Pros... in fact, if you have a crossover story we'd love to see it.

If you've ever felt the mad urge to write tentacle!porn crack fic for Pros – it takes all sorts – then you’ve found the right place to pick up your straight jacket com.

A Bodie/Doyle story you say? Well... we might be able to find some time to clutch it to our heaving bosoms read that too.

So you love Pros with a fiery passion... but your OTP is not Bodie/Doyle. That’s all right, we can’t all have spectacularly good taste we welcome you to post your Bodie/Murphy, Doyle/Jax, etc., stories here.

Bottom line, we are happy to host *any* story featuring *any* character/s from the Pros ‘verse and, in the fine tradition of the Pros archives, any stories based on other television shows and films that the *main* Pros actors have appeared in. Unfortunately we can’t guarantee you a readership, but languishing on your hard drive isn’t getting your story read either.

Most of all though we hope you will enjoy the time you choose to spend here. Have another cuppa and pass the cake plate... Ta!