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Journal Community
Name: CI5 HQ, CI5 Headquarters
Date(s): April 23, 2006 – present
Moderator: byslantedlight, empty_mirrors
Founder: empty_mirrors
Type: discussion, news and recommendations
Fandom: The Professionals
archive link (2017, Wayback Machine)

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CI5 Headquarters or just CI5 HQ is a LiveJournal Community slash-oriented (but gen/het friendly) rec, discussion and news for The Professionals.


Welcome to CI5HQ.

CI5 Headquarters is a slash-oriented (but gen/het friendly) rec, discussion and news community for The Professionals. Whether it's a rec for an online or zine story, an essay on anything Pros-related, or news about the actors or the show itself, we want to see it here.

Since CI5 Headquarters is a space for free and open discussion about all things related to our favourite lads for everyone, whether they have their own Live Journal or not, membership of the community is open, with posting and commenting allowed by non-members. We also encourage commenting by those without LJs, though they can't create an initial post to the community. (That's an LJ limitation, BTW, not one of ours.) If you don't have an LJ, but have a great idea for a post, contact one of the moderators and we'll be happy to post it for you. In keeping with the (largely) unspoken etiquette of fandom, we do also ask that no one cross-posts, copies or quotes anything posted to the community, without the express, preferably written permission of the person who posted it.


In keeping with the laid back views of your moderators, we don't want to have hard and fast rules. We do, however, have a few suggestions:

Flames are bad. While you may not agree with everything you read on ci5hq, please show respect for the opinions of other posters and commenters, and keep discussion civil.

Posts and comments should be about some aspect of Pros.

If you're posting about a story, whether rec or new fic, it would be helpful if you could use this header at the top of your post:

Link to story or zine/ProsLib info:
Short review: (1 to 3 sentences) If you want to include a longer critical discussion of a story, or a whole zine, please put it behind an <*lj-cut*> tag.

Please don't spoil stories for readers in any way - if you have spoiler information for a header or in a story discussion, then make sure it's hidden behind a cut. Note readers, however, that story discussions and reviews naturally have spoilers, and so if you go into a post then you may see these.

If you're an author looking for a beta-reader/editor, or if you'd volunteer to beta read for Pros writers, do read The CI5hq List of Pros Beta Readers post. Beta readers can be found in the comments to the post, with a description of their preferences, experience, contact details etc.

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