Wine Dark Nexus

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Title: Wine Dark Nexus
Author(s): Anne Carr
Date(s): 1985 or earlier (circuit story, 58 pages), 1988 (69 pages)
Fandom: The Professionals fusion with Mary Renault
External Links: Wine Dark Nexus @ The Circuit Archive

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Wine Dark Nexus is a Bodie/Doyle slash 115-page Professionals AU by Anne Carr where Doyle (Damon), a noble citizen of Atlantis, and Bodie (Brianhet), an Egyptian prince, are sold into slavery and made bulldancers in Crete. The setting is Mary Renault's world of Theseus in The King Must Die and The Bull from the Seas.

The story sometimes appears on fan's Desert Island lists.[1] It is also a story on The 1985 Hatstand Express Top Ten Lists.

Wine Dark Nexus was mentioned in Textual Poachers as an example of AUs where the characters are removed from their original situations and given alternative names and identities.

Publication History

The story was first circulated as a circuit story until it was published in In the Public Interest 2 in 1988. The story is part of a series that is continued in Tessa Rae's Taemon's Cuckoos and her paper circuit story Taemon's Seed.

The online version at The Circuit Archive includes the original 7 b/w illustrations for Wine Dark Nexus by Suzan Lovett that appeared in In the Public Interest.[2]

There is also an undated custom zine version floating about.

Circuit Story

It was published in 1985 or earlier as a 58-page circuit story.

Zine Story Printed in "In the Public Interest"

From the 69-page story in In the Public Interest #2 (1988), which included seven pieces of black and white, full-page illos, later printed at The Circuit Archive, see below.

Zine Story Printed as a Custom Zine

At some point, a fan printed off this story from "In the Public Interest" and made their own custom zine.

Online Story

There are seven illos for this story online, the artist is Suzan Lovett. See The Circuit Archive.

Author's Comments

An historical (hysterical, if you prefer) with plot, sex, and bits that could well be filled in better. I'm blowing my own horn here...[3]

Reactions and Reviews

Unknown Date

Wine Dark Nexus by Anne Carr illustrated by Suzan Lovett is a historical AU with Bodie as an Egyptian prince and Doyle as a noble Atlantean both sold to Leap the Bull at Knossos. The story is intriguing, the characterisation well done and the unfolding love story is delightful.[4]


....brilliantly researched, period piece. I've read a lot of Ancient History and the authenticity leaves me gasping. Who did all the work? [5]
...this is the best of the historicals, I think. Lovely characters - Damon and Brianhet are very real. I'd like to see the author finish this and then try to sell it, as I've told her many times. It's that good.[6]
No doubt in my mind, this is THE historical and I herewith formally urge the author to get on the stick, finish the damn thing and make herself a bundle of money! [7]
This is the best of the historicals, I think. Lovely characters- Damon and Brianhet are very real. I'd like to see the author finish this and then try to sell it, as I've told her many times. It's that good.[8]


WINE DARK NEXUS has got to be one of the "classics" of B/D fanfic! This is the story that probably got most of us who do love the fantasies hooked hopelessly on the. I'll always hopelessly loved Damon and Brianhet. I'm just sorry she never continued the epic! [9]


"Wine Dark Nexus" by Anne Carr. A marvelous AU with the characters of Brianhet and Damon. B is from Egypt, D from Atlantis and both are

prisoners on Crete where they must survive the bull leaping. This is absolutely the only AU I've ever liked where B & D have different names. Normally I find that too distracting, but she has them so in character that I never even noticed. This story is also illustrated by several wonderful Suzan Lovett pieces -- although, word of warning my fellow Bodie lovers, her favoring Doyle is quite obvious. [10]


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