Taemon's Cuckoos

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Title: Taemon's Cuckoos
Publisher: Tanglewebb Press, later by Nut Hatch
Cover Artist(s):
Date(s): 1991
Medium: print
Genre: slash
Fandom: Professionals
Language: English
External Links: the zine online at The Circuit Archive, Archived version
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front cover by Suzan Lovett. The art is archived at The Circuit Archive, Archived version
the clear plastic cover overlay with the title

Taemon's Cuckoos is a 120-page slash novel by Tessa Rae.

It is an alternate universe story set in ancient Crete, featuring Bodie and Doyle as Brianhet and Damon.

The cover is by Suzan Lovett as well as one interior illo. There are several other interior illos that are not credited.

This zine was inspired by Anne Carr's "Wine Dark Nexus", a Mary Renault-ish fan fiction. The zine has a prologue penned by Anne Carr herself.

Zine Contents

  • Editorial (1 page)
  • Author's Notes by Tessa Rae (1 page)
  • Prologue by Anne Carr (6 pages)
  • The Pallid Cuckoo, not credited (1 page)
  • Homecoming, poem by Lena (1 page)
  • Taemon's Cuckoos by Tessa Rae (100 pages)
  • Taemon's Seed by Tessa Rae "for HG" (8 pages)
  • ads for other Tanglewood Press zines (2 pages)
  • full-page flyers for other zines (12 pages)

Interior Sample


Taemon's Cuckoo's cannot be reprinted, copied or otherwise duplicated without permission of Tanglewood Press.

Any comments or suggestions you wish to make would be appreciated.

All artwork in Taemon's Cuckoos is for sale. For enquires, please contact Tanglewood Press...

Copyright 1991. Taemon's Cuckoos is an amateur fan publication and is not intended to infringe on the rights of Brian Clemens, London Weekend Television, or any other holder's of Professionals copyrights. All original material within this publication is copyrighted by the artists and authors.

Tanglewood Press cannot be held responsible for any fanzine lost in transit to subscriber.

A Flyer

The official, authorized sequel to 'Wine Dark Nexus,' with a glorious cover by Suzan Lovett. This novel, by Tessa Rae, carries Anne Carr's Prologue, the complete text to the new work, plus some interior artwork and poetry. If we may jog your memory ... WDX was the a/u to end 'em all back in the 1980s, when b/d was in its "golden age." When zines were things of tape, scissors and glue and the circuit wa sall [sic] about mountains of xeroxes and parcels going out in the mail in every direction, WIND DARK NEXUS was a novella of about 100pp which cast Bodie and Doyle into the roles of a couple of adventurers in the time of Minoan Crete. Yep, "bull dancing" and all. Bodie was the original Egyptian prince, Doyle was the Minoan. Okay, it's a fantasy! But what a fantasy! This one is about 1200pp, with the aforementioned glorious monochrome cover by Suzann. A$14.00 + postage ... and it weighs 300g. [1]

This Zine is Part of a Series

The Zine's Editorial

It has been an interesting year.... I presume that all our readers remember that old Chinese proverb, may you get what you wish for? Sigh....

In the dim, dark ages of 1992, the collected Tanglewebb announced that we were to take some time off in order to recharge our batteries, work on unfinished projects and generally goof around. We wished for one year, to do just that. Sigh.... you would have thought we would have known better, wouldn't you?

You have, in your hot little hands, Taemon's Cuckoos. Be grateful. You would not believe the trials and tribulations we went through to complete this zine.

1. The printer blew up 10 pages before our first print run was completed. Have you ever tried to get a repairman out in the week between Christmas and New Year?

2. The first print run was complete, minus cover, just as the bulk of orders came through. We were short.

3. It was early February, and no cover yet. We phoned Suzie, only to discover it has been sent weeks ago. We waited.

4. Still no cover. We phoned Suzie (again), and she offered to do up another copy (bless her wonderful little heart) and post it.... when the weather cleared. She was snowed in. We waited.

5. The printer blew up (again) 10 pages before the end of our second print run. Another visit from the repairman. Bless his fuzzy little heart, he had it fixed in a flash, and is now going to fix the computer as well. One small ray of sunshine.

As at the writing of this missive, we have the artwork, beautiful stuff, in with the printer, and he agrees they are beautiful. We just pray the machines don't eat the pieces.

That is what our luck has been like. But you have the zine in your hands, so something must have gone right. Sigh.

But on to nicer things. There are people we need to thank, or this zine would never have seen the light of day. Tessa for handing us a completed story on a platter, H.G. for having already edited it, Suzan Lovett for the wonderful cover. Lea for the complete retype onto computer disk for printing, and the male model and collected Tanglewebb for running around and around in circles, getting very dizzy, collating two complete print runs. We must have been mad!

As most of you know, this is our last zine, and while that was a hard decision, involving serious factors including the declining sales of our zines due to competition with bootleggers, the whole process has been made a little lighter by the wonderful letters we have received from our readers. To those who offered to support us financially, thank you, to those who praised our work, thank you. And yes, we will try to go on to bigger and better things. Only time will tell.

And one final thank you, to all our readers, who have stuck with us from our first teetering steps into publishing, and are still with us now, as we put out our last work. And to those we have picked up along the way, thank you too. We couldn't have done it without you. We will miss you all.

Author's Notes from the Zine

Taemon's Cuckoos... has a long history, and those who were involved with its creation will utterly understand the amazing transformation it underwent from scraps of hastily written notes, to the manuscript today. I made my friends deaf with ideas, and cannot thank both H.G and Rob enough for their patience, encouragement and undying self control of holding back from strangling me on frequent occasions. Thanks! I honestly couldn't had done this without either of you Taemon's... was inspired by Wine Dark Nexus... naturally. Thank you Anne very much for the lovely story. And I still want to see your sequel. Send over your scraps of paper...!

With the beautiful cower art... sigh... despite postal services, blizzards, photocopiers imploding, broken toes and prevailing winds, we did manage to finally receive the exquisite pencil art from Suzie. I'm indebted to you Suzie....

I had a lot of fun writing this little story, and I just hope everyone who reads it enjoys the fantasy roller coaster ride of the eighties.

Lastly, but not leastly. Lea, you and Slowly did a marvellous job!


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