Hauntings and Others

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Title: Hauntings and Others
Publisher: Felix Press
Editor(s): Nancy Loser
Date(s): October 1992
Medium: print, zine
Fandom: multimedia
Language: English
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Hauntings and Others is a slash multifandom anthology.

From an ad in On the Double: "Short story collection for Halloween. Ghosts, vampires and other denizens of the night are featured players in these stories. The atmosphere may or may not be eeirie (sic), but any terror is purely of the psychological variety -- i.e. no slashers [1] running loose, people coming out of closets [2] dressed in hockey masks!")

An age statement was required for purchase.


  • Numbers Up by Anne Carr (Professionals)
  • The Haunting of Hadlington Hall by E.J. Pellham-Stuart (Professionals)
  • I Will Remember by Portia Lindsey (Professionals)
  • Lady Catherine's Ghost by Anne Carr and Merlyn Smith (Professionals) (Bodie and Doyle run into a very noisy and persistent specter.)
  • So Few Ever Notice by J.P. Ryan (When Nigel meets something a great deal more destructive than fairies at the bottom of the garden, Tris and Alex really should pay attention. (RPS/Tris/Alex)
  • The Ghost That Would Not Die by E.J. Pellham-Stuart (Professionals) (When an artist named Doyle, who just happens to be a vampire and a writer named Bodie, who doesn't believe in ghosts, let alone vampires, meet up with the thoroughly angry result of an exorcism that didn't work....things get more than a little strange.)
  • All Things Indivisible by Portia Lindsay (Alinor De'Vere had sworn she would never be parted from her one true love...and not even death has managed to stop her until the unfortunate focus of her affections is helped out by Robin and the Merries.)
  • Nathan by T'Alizan (When a new tenant movers into the apartment upstairs, shy, conservative Brendan Dunne finds there's more to bother about than his new neighbor's long hair and penchant for playing loud rock music at all hours of the night.)
  • original fiction and poetry by T'Alizan, Merlyn Smith and E.J. Pelham-Stewart

Reactions and Reviews

Another zine I enjoyed was Hauntings & Others: Basically, a good romantic read of Vampires & such... only a few B/D stories, but I love Tris/Alex, and the sequel to Tyger Tyger was in there... LOVED it! Also enjoyed the original fiction. (Again, Vampires) Nothing gory... completely romantic. [3]


  1. ^ May or may not be that kind of slasher.
  2. ^ May or may not be that kind of closet.
  3. ^ from Short Circuit #13 (1993)