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Name: Writestuff
Alias(es): Writestufflee, Master Writestuff
Type: fan writer
Fandoms: Star Wars (all media), Starsky and Hutch, Highlander (series)
Communities: AO3, Discord, Tumblr, Dreamwidth, Master & Apprentice, Two Vixens Press
Other: Passion & Serenity: A QuiObi Compendium
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Writestuff is a fan author of both standalone stories and an ongoing series of Star Wars Prequel-centric slash fanfic called The Warrior's Heart begun in 2000, which now runs to five volumes and 59 stories and is still a WIP. She's been a fan of Star Wars since 1977 and before that wrote Starsky and Hutch and Three Musketeers fic when she was cutting her teeth.

Her first Star Wars fic publication was a gen story in the zine Against the Sith #7 called "A Revelation According to Han." She turned to slash writing in 2000 after seeing The Phantom Menace. The first three volumes of The Warrior's Heart (Early Days, Trials and Errors, and What Was Old is New Again were published in zine form by Two Vixens Press, in which she was a partner with Kath Moonshine. Two Vixens also published two standalone zines, co-authored with Kath Moonshine, Noumena and the The Ka-Mnemon of Obi-Wan Kenobi. The Ka-Mnemon was also produced as a handmade, handbound journal in a boxed set of artifacts auctioned for charity at MediaWest*Con. It won the 2004 FanQ Award for "Best Stand-Alone Star Wars Slash Zine." Early Days won the TPM Best Zine Sizzler award at ConneXions. Trials and Errors won the TPM Best Novel Sizzler at ConneXions as well as a Mediawest 2003 Fan Q Award. "Masquerade" won a Sizzler award for TPM Best Story, and the story "Master Class" won for Best Short Story, in What Was Old Is New Again. The standalone TPM story "Creature Comforts" also appears in the Two Vixens multimedia zine La Chair.

Writestuff's work doesn't shy from brutal plots or detailed sex scenes. She's willing to torture her characters and put them through emotional wringers, but almost always rewards them later with caretaking and intimacy. She prefers happy endings, but her characters more than earn them.

The Warrior's Heart series, like most of Writestuff's stories, deviates drastically from canon, both Legends and EU (her tagline for the original fic website was "Fixing George's Mistakes"). The major deviation is #Qui-GonLives, and from there it veers wildly into Original Fic with Somebody Else's Characters. This is also true of the standalone stories, especially the most recent new series, the Yooperverse, which is a modern day AU. Two standalone stories written as responses to stories by Gloriana, "A Distant Refuge" and "A Matter of Discipline," also ignore canon and can be considered AUs.

The first three volumes of The Warrior's Heart are mostly concerned with the power differential between Master and Padawan and how that shifts when the two become lovers. The theme is explored explicitly in the two stories "The Anger Exercises" and "The Fear Exercises" where both apprentice and master are challenged to face their own shortcomings as Jedi in the face of the shifts in their relationship. Some of this power differential is further explored in the introduction of BDSM elements into the characters' relationship, and the introduction of Bruck Chun's non-Jedi dominatrix friend into the mix as another sort of training master. From almost the beginning, the lovers' relationship becomes an open one, including Bruck Chun who has helped precipitate Qui-Gon and Obi-Wan's new relationship. The open nature is entirely one-sided, with Obi-Wan free to explore relationships with others, while Qui-Gon is more than content with his new lover. This becomes an off and on source of friction from Obi-Wan's point of view. Once Obi-Wan is "emancipated" after his knighting, the relationship shifts yet again, and Obi-Wan tries to find his place outside his master's "Long Shadow."

The fourth volume, The Long Shadow, explores Obi-Wan's development as an independent knight, and a special project that Qui-Gon has been given in secret by the Council. Obi-Wan's career is nearly derailed in "Auto da Fé" when a mission goes badly wrong and results in possibly permanently crippling injuries. But it also brings Obi-Wan a padawan of his own who is not Anakin, meaning that Anakin will clearly be Qui-Gon's padawan. That also sets the stage for the culmination of Qui-Gon's mission. At the end of the volume, Obi-Wan finds himself forced out of Qui-Gon's shadow the hard way.

The fifth Volume, The New Temple, is only four stories long at this writing (6/15/2022). Qui-Gon and Obi-Wan have been separated for seven years when it opens, and Obi-Wan is not the man Qui-Gon knew.

There is a sixth volume planned, covering the Clone Wars years.

Writestuff's other large series, The Yooperverse, was begun in 2020 and is set in the Upper Peninsula of Northern Michigan. In this AU, Qui-Gon is a first-generation American (half Irish, half Iranian) retired Special Forces veteran named Khalil Liam Cahill suffering from PTSD. He buys a house in a small town near his also retired best friend, Marc Winston (Mace) but finds it comes with an inadvertant caretaker: a young man abandoned by his parents for being gay. There are two novel-length stories in this series, (Ever Since Happiness Heard Your Name and The Astonishing Light of Your Own Being) with a third planned.

After a five-year hiatus starting around 2015, she rejoined fandom by joining a Discord server and then serving on the Passion & Serenity: A QuiObi Compendium committee, doing layout and zine design.